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Friday, May 14, 2010

Yeah+and = Y'and

And now on the t'ol ya so front.

Bring the factories back stupid, because it's about jobs stupid, because it is about the economy stupid, because if there is some machinating going on, the machinators lost stupid, because stupid your lively hoods depend upon it stupid, because without the US. economy stupids, you don't have the money to bitch about nuthin stupids, yet how much more stupid can you stupid people get? I got a feeling they can get even more stupid. But nevertheless lets not give stupidity any more stupid chances.

I wrote a letter to the president about a year ago where I told him to make getting new factories built in the country the no. 1 priority. I was nice then, but way too many educated people think they can make this economy work without putting the low people on the pole back to work. Buuuut no we can't have those poluttin nasty ol' things here in this country, no not at all why let us export our dirty ol' factories over seas where they can dirty up the atmosphere over there. Never mind the bitchy ol' environmental laws here. While we pay our crazy executives exorbitant money to run around in corprate jets, juuuust for fun. When the ol exec's get pissy, and demands what,? 4 mil to not run around, in the mean time Fitch income takes a dump but noooo lets pay that stupid slop, half the Co profits. Ye God!

Now the stupid-o-craps are getting their what?! Asses handed to them with no end in sight?! What?!!!!! Oh why don't y'all go here and read this instead of bothering me? (Narrrrrrcissistic or however you spell it)
Ok. Maybe thet little ol' bump I got the other day makes me even worse.

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