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Friday, May 14, 2010

It's about time, it's about space

How did that old TV series song go? "It's about three men in outer space." Story about three men in a reentry capsule that run into an anomaly, and get tossed back in time to the stone age.Uh........two men. Of course if I saw it today I would hate the fake sets and the over acting that was so common in the sixties. However the reason I bring this old funky show up is because uh well it works out that in a relative theme we don't have it as bad as they had it back then. Buuut the kids don't remember. The reason kids can't figure it out is because they are not seeking out the wisdom of the old men. Uh the honest old me....that's funny......that I should think of myself as an honest old man. I am not that old you know. How about this, the honest old men who have no agenda.

Thing's in society have changed and the reason they have is because we as a country are not so honest anymore. So boo hoo the economy is ---t and nobody can figure out how to maintain a lying conniving populace and prosperity at the same time. Proof positive that if the government would not of stepped in and re-enabled the culprits by printing up money and throwing it at them. Had they of thrown a few of them rich bastards in jail it would have sent a real message. Like back in the eighties when they 'trew' Milken in prison, the savings and lone debacle ended, because the rest of the crooks that had wormed there way into the Savings and Loan industry said, 'oh hey' we don't have as much control as we thought, and decided they didn't want to spend 20 years in prison, maybe having to give up there virgin ass-holes to big bubba just to stay alive.

Uh huh. I tol' ya. Now the biggies are starting to get the picture. Here is a supporting article about why this recovery is going to take too long. See ya, you bunch of crooks. Trust me! The hi-falootin snooty snoot snoot's, in the background are goin down. It's inevitable.

Bangkok still rioting. Some one probably shouldn't of shot that General. He probably wasn't the top of the heap.

Crosswalk nails it again.

And what is in a name any way. If money means anything then how you spend your money will be preferentially tied to your name. Sounds crazy but for whatever reason we apparently all do it.

On the can't prove side or is it crazy side, I was awakened this morning when in my dreams (whatever I was dreaming about) two bright flashes and then ba-boom. My eyes popped open and I said to my wife , "lightening just struck one of the lightening rods". Then I envisioned the very angry face of God looking at me and glaringly. So I said to the angry face "don't be mad at me I ain't at fault here". I could go into all the nut explanations why I said that buuut, that is nuts so I won't, I in other words don't know if it is really true or not I know one thing, I calmed down a bit. You would say that I was momentarily pumped with adrenalin from the lightening strike. Whatever.

Two day's ago I got rear ended for the fifth time in my life. All five times I was at an intersection, all five times rear ended by a woman, four of the five times I was at a stop light at a dead stop. Only now two of the five times did I call for assistance and none of the five times will I sue over it. You know if this is something going on at a higher level(matter of the spirit) you are going to have to hit me a whole lot harder than that and I am going to have to get really ingin hurt before I sue anyone.....funny.....MHAHA! Otherwise????

We were both at one of those yield turns. A car had just passed by and I had pulled my head back into the car preparing to step on the gas and enter into traffic when........ WHAMO! My wife says "there goes my neck". I pulled the car off of the road(still operable) I got out of the car went around to the passenger side (I think this is the order) opened her door(she broke the door handle link bout a year ago), went back to the other car to see if the other person was OK, dialed 911 and told them about the accident, and what my wife said, and when they asked if we needed an ambulance said probably should or something like that.
Fact is when we got hit, I got slapped back in the car seat hard enough to blank out for a sec. Anyway then I took a look at the rear end of the car and it was bent pretty good. My lower back felt like I had been working in the back yard all day, maybe it is from the accident but then again I have had issues with my back lower back for a long time. I suppose saying this give the crooks in the insurance industry an out but hey that just empowers me over them now doesn't it?

There is nothing like the sound you hear when you get in a car accident. That combination of crunch and booooshhhh as metal bends and a window is violently burst, the safety glass flying, falling like a million pieces of silica rain.

Cops were cool, the poor woman was cool, the ambulance people were cool, and the fire dept was cool, all in all outside of the reason I had to interact with them, I thought it was all cool. Now if my back would just stop being such a nag. Don't worry girl nuthin to fear, neither hell nor high water is going to get me to do a damn thing to you.

You know what this is called? TURNING THE OTHER CHEEK!

Well any way I went down to Walmart got some plastic, and this really good Duk brand, duct tape, and started taping off the back window. Then some guy parks a few cars down asks me if I needed some help, I said yeah that would be nice if I had some help holding the plastic in place. we got to talking then another guy comes up and we start talking too. Both were apologizing to me, of course there was no need it most certainly not there fault, it was heart warming anyway. Turns out he was a preacher in an brand new little church and 'w-out' of nowhere God gives me another feed his sheep moment. "Blessed is he; when I come, I find feeding my sheep", moment". Real nice guy(of course, he's a preacher), so I got to tell one more preach about the service the Kingdom of Heaven is to offer mankind. You know, the lambs and the goats sermon, the go ye therefore preaching and teaching all nations, and making disciples, sermon. These are the moments I really really live for. I am really too poor to put out the money to do such things, but I still have a mouth.

So to those of you who want to find some other reason other than what was right there at the moment. The real reason that accident happened to me was so I would end up right there at that moment, preaching a sermon, of love, joy, peace, forgiveness, and servitude to a preacher man who will preach a sermon to many of love, joy, peace, and servitude to many and because as God's word proceeds fourth from even a faulty man such as me it, will bear the fruits that God has ordained that it should of love, joy, peace, forgiveness, and servitude. I in a moment of humility gave a sermon of life. I am humbled by the mighty hand of God.

I am at this moment thanking God, and I just want to say one more time.

Thank you Father.

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