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Friday, June 25, 2010

All that bowing and cowtowing earned him nothing

But contempt. Obama getting no play with foreign governments. He is caught between a rock and a hard place because he has pissed off the American electorate who understand better than he what is needed. Funny that foreign leaders are cutting the shit out of their budgets while the great spenda is trying to print us out of debt butt ain't that what I said in 1997. It is all so Stuuupid.

I should write an ode to the tourist industry of the gulf states. The oil is killing them. My Brother in law tol me that eventually the oil will get eatin by bacteria and then fishies will eat the bacteria and that eventually will lead to a teaming new chain of life in the gulf butt in the mean time because nobody wants to wait because collectively mankind has taken to, 'I want it NOW attitude'. The President and democrats are skewered.

Here is a conundrum. The Republicans won against a filibuster vote but should they have? If they would have lost they could have used that against the democrats in this election. However the right thing to do was to let everything collapse and let people naturally pick themselves up but now it gives the power-o-crats some obsolete ammo for the election. Fortuantely I believe that it is not enough to save the democrats because the American People are not listening to them.

The economy will not stand up. Uhhhh....I tol ya so.

Yet the most important thing I have to say right now is it is easy to get saved, but my sista says it is not. She would rather apparently no one get saved and carries with her a spirit of condemnation. I paraphrase what Jesus says. "think not that I accuse you" before the Father. And in the Gospel it is also said that Satin accuses the brethren day and night. If it wasn't for the Grace of God none would be saved but according to the word there are billions who worship before the throne. Billions. And in revelations there are armies of hundreds of millions in heaven. My god, how could that be unless God hadn't literally saved many from the fire irregardless of their sins.

The greatest and worst sin a Christian could have is to judge whether another is not eternally saved. It is the dumbest thing that any human can do. There is only one way into the Kingdom that I know. There is for a surety a city in Heaven for those who would simply believe. Jesus says, "only believe", and ye shall be saved. Only Believe that he is the Messiah=Savior. There is nothing you could do before that and nothing you can do after that to earn or keep your salvation. fact is I fear that people who run around preaching salvation by behavior after having accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior are in danger of burning, like my sista.

All of my cussing and swearing ain't keepin me from salvation. All of my anger and hatred of all things and anyone wicked and evil cannot keep me from my salvation. All of my criticisms of all things public cannot keep me from eternal salvation. I have my place in the Kingdom of Heaven forever no matter what men could possibly think. All of the religious namby pamby didn't save me before and can't condemn me or anyone now or tomorrow. EVER!

Be saved people. Believe and just say it our loud to anyone once. With the heart man believes and with the mouth man confesses that Jesus has come to redeem them from their sin. Confess that you are forgiven and saved by Jesus sacrifice to live in eternal Paradise.

It is the single most important lesson that I have to teach. All of this worldly nonsense hang upon that one simple message. Jesus can save you from your self irregardless of what you do in the future or what you did after you you accepted Jesus. Fact is God saved you even though he knew yesterday what you would do today and what you will do tomorrow.

My sister is no more than one of those people preaching salvation by perfection yet we are simply not able to be perfect ever. God has seen to that. Only God is perfect, the rest is less, always. Even Jesus said "Why callest thou me perfect? There is only one who is perfect". Anything less than the almighty is less than perfect, Even Jesus submits himself before the fathers perfection. In that submission, was the only perfect man to have ever live. Perfectly submitting himself to God's will. Forever that is so.

The issued is settled. My sister may be condemned to living the rest of her life struggling for perfection, enslaved by her obsession with being perfect, when she is far from it. Way far from it and only proves it when she opens her mouth to condemn imperfection, because she believes that she is holy and flees sin, yet is confusing condemnation with admonishment she condemns herself in it.........It is that very thing that pisses off God against any in Christendom. It is much like shit calling shit, shit. Shit must call it self shit before shit sees how to help shit not be shit. We are all shit before God. Do you find this offensive? Good. Do you find this troubling? Good. We put on perfume and cologne's and women put on makeup but no matter how much we try to make ourselves smell and look to each other, we are just putting smell good stuff on shit, as far as how we are in appearance before the only good God.

The greatest thing that the greatest evangelist I think that the world has ever known; Paul the Apostle, said after naggingly beseeching God was when he told us what God said back to him finally. God says to him," My grace is sufficient for you".

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