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Saturday, June 26, 2010

When you have the option of 99% vs 0% would you pick

Kevin Costner paid for and promoted a piece of tech that had it of been purchased 15 years ago could have made a huge difference in the oil spill. but the Goddamn picky arsed environmentalists said; doesn't get one hundred percent of the oil. Now the goddamned envirmentalists can just go eat that goddamned oil spill. But there is some reason being used here as BP buys the machines. Thank God. Canada has millions of miles if untapped wilderness with no end in sight for the use of the land. Why don't you effin enviro nuts move to Canada and butt out of real life. Not that I know him, but way to stick with it Kevin.

Yes the drug goons are a huge problem and yes I wish we would just annihilate them.

Why you can't allow foriegn enemy news guys around. They will not have your best interests in mind plus if they object to what you are doing, the left which has atheist bent, and animalistic only the strong survive, and there are no rules attitude, you definitely will not be able to trust them with state secrets of any kind. In fact 'Rolling Stoned' reporters should have NEVER been cleared for access to the general staff as they don't give a#### who gets killed because of their asinine attitudes. Ie they are about being a crap rag and money, and not about heartsy stuff like they want you to think they are. Well I for one am not buying that #### hole papers ####.

I am inclined to believe the worst case scenario 90 to 100 thousand barrels a day because I simply do not trust the corporate PR machine.

Well the ticker quit for now......later.

Tickers back.

The G-8 now a sub of the G-20 after being unable to come up with a cooperative strategy turn to the nuuclear questions. They aren't happy with Iran purifying another 35 lbs of nuclear material. Enough to make one more device in the 20 to 400 K range. I got an urge to answer why such a wide range. 20, 30 k is about all you get out of an unehanced nuke. Add some tritium and baboomba. Hydrogen nuke. In other words they would have a two stage or fusion weapon which releases much more energy.
The first stage is the fission weapon going off and the second stage is the tritium; which is an isotope of hydrogen which is injected at just the right millisecond into the warhead providing the necessary low stability hydrogen so that when the fission begins the combination of pressure and temperature causes the hydrogen atoms to fuse into.....I forget. anyway the act of creating a brand new atom releases so much freaking energy it is measurable but mentally unfathomable.
FYI Einstein figured this all out by 1920. For you morons out there read Einsteins theory of relativity. Even if you don't get it at first or at all you will still be smarter by osmosis......seriously.

Oh woe is BP. A storm is a brewing in the Caribbean. But this is nothing to do with luck. Ol' BP is getting off easy for the moment. In my memory no tropical storm having crossed the Yucatan ends up crossing the Gulf..........It could. Naw probably not.

Oops I wonder where that link ended up. I entered it buuut. I guess I will find out in a minute.

Sarah. Something about that woman just makes me smile. Isn't she lovely? Isn't she wonderful?
California's Attorney General starts an inquirey; Sarah chides him, He says she Doesn't understand, buuut HAHAHAHAHA! Why it turns out the attorney general is the one who doesn't understand. Ya see it wasn't the U that set this up and paid for it, it was a PRIVATE foundation. Besides the wing ding just drew Stanislaus'seses.....eses biggest chunck of change.

Congress puts out another compromised plan designed to be trash in the financial reform bill. Congress is stupid.

What nothing else? HUMPH!

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