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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Oh yeah. So Pakistan is in on it.

Pakistan in on Taliban? Huh. I wonder how that is going to go over with the Pakistani People knowing that the Taliban are massacring Pakistani people. It is like the Pakistan Government are sponsoring terrorism on their own soil against their own people.. Have I emphasized the Pakistani People enough? Shall I repeat it one more time?

Could it be that Pakistan is why Afghanistan is having so much trouble to begin with? Or is it the whore, that is the city of Babylon? You know the pleasure seekers mentioned in the bible (dope growers).

However on the matter of: should we try Muslim terrorists as Pows in military tribunals as war criminals, or in regular civilian courts as common criminals? My opinion on the matter? My way of thinking it is an insult to them(Muslims) that they get tried as common criminals, but the truth is they are at war with us and our president declared war on terrorism, however I don't recall if congress has officially declared war. Technically they should be tried as war criminals. Tried in the honorable military tribunals. However the big pissing contest; of politicians and prosecutors fighting for the publicity they would get, is embarrassing to this country. All you snooty snoot snoots look like what you are. Greedy power grubbers. Try them in military tribunals where we could hang em or put the in front of a firing squad if found guilty.

Yet bringing the Muslims into civilian courts for sure will raise the issue of torture. The gov. better hope for jury nullification. Because technically the information gleaned after torture should also be considered tainted, having come from people who have then been brainwashed by torture. If I was a defense attorney I would definitely bring that up. No doubt that the trials; for all the touting of a fair trial, will not be a fair trial technically.

When we lean on technicalities like I tend to do, I would have to release the defendants in a civilian trial simply because of the cruel and unusual clause in the Constitution. However in a military trial I would not consider the torture as a problem, and would convict with a death sentence as penalty.

I think that Islamics are nuts anyway.

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