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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Not that I am your average run of the mill individual, but

The spinster's just ain't getting through to me. In fact what I can see and hear is people are just plain ignoring the ole' art of yarning tales to mitigate the potential purple rain.

OKLAHOMA where the wind comes whistling cross the plain, Uhhhhh where the wind', wind'- no, no, that's wind, not rain, holy crap.

Ted Kennedy threatened? No.....shit. There are as many nut shits out there as there are famous people. And guess what. I think that; trending twards the spiritual in the matter we tend to be our own worst enemy. The best attitude we should have is the; o' well I wish me well.....................Mhahahahahaha!

And of course politicians want to know who to shit on when they get bit by an attack add; sooo HEERRRRES BILLL, again.

I guess they think they made a mistake, but I think they just don't like each other, either way running away must be contagious, bwak bwak bwak bwak chikennnnns. Gore's daughter is calling it quits too.

So BP ain't doing so well on handing out money for claims, and now Bwak O'blama is thinking on snatching the claims process. OK, what did the beastly corporations think Tobuk O'slama got elected for?

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