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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

George Soros is a Greek

Everyone should know by now that Soros is the king of investing short. Also that he put a boat load of money into the Dumocrats. Now he is making that boat load of money off of the oil spill.

FO Soros. Check out the article titled Obama's boss Soros......... here. Now that you know that, the Brits need to rethink who's really at fault for the oil ****; since you know Soros lives in England, last time I heard anyway. And there is your scape goat. George the rich man Soros. Probably is a conservative. Really; I should thank him considering, he has convinced the democrats to do things that are complete trash for this country.

In the mean time The Democrats are in deep trouble in the polls. See results at top. Heads up courtesy of Wizbang a article. Bede be de be de but the nostream media is reporting it just the opposite. HAHAHAHAHAHA! I have been accused of living on my own world and I am not so sure that that old man wasn't wrong, but what freakin treacherous world does the news media live on.

Last night I was listening to Public Television and the deep left are hammering Obama over inging up the health care bill in favor of the insurance companies. Big show over 5 left wingers getting arrested for disrupting a finance hearing in which the head of the Senate fiance committee; a democrat, who crafted the Senates side of the health care legislation, in favor of the insurance companies. ??????? Senate Finance chair crafted the Health care legislation? HAHAHAHAHAHA! What the hell does a finance chairman know about my health. Not a %$&^E$ thing. HAHAHAHAHA! could you be any stupider Mr President? HAHAHAHAHA!
AAAAnd in other news. Housing starts down a whopping 10% in may. Attributed to the end of stimulus stuff...........what were they expecting. Should a let the stuff flop to begin with.
This is just funny. The president is getting boo'd from both ends of the spectrum.
AAAAnd in Massastupidist they got a new ruling from a judge. One man 6 votes.
It just gets worse for the President. Congress is not all that interested in spending any more money cause; like, they used up all their browny points with the public this time around and according to this article, and I believe it, are skeered for the upcoming elections.

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