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Thursday, June 24, 2010

So the President said the right things

He is right. War is bigger than one man or one party. But the bigger question is what is a win? We have largely defeated Alqueeda(ya know sometimes I leave my misspellings in there just for fun). The estimate is less than one hundred fighters left in Afghanistan. The problem is the thought' the only good alqueda is a dead alqueda' fact? I think that may be the truth. Yet we cannot sustain the battle forever and it would be a mistake to install quislings. In fact I hate quisling's because they are duplicitous bastards with weak moral fiber. What Afghanistan needs is to be able to stand on their own and that takes moral fiber.

The Afghany people are a hardy, rugged lot. Highly independent and they need a rugged, completely fair, unbiased, and highly neutral upright government. Upright from the lowliest cop on the beat to the highest office in the land. they have one uniter in the durability of their people. It is their source of pride that they know that they can withstand any onslaught and overcome it. I am not sure but I believe it is possible.

But convincing the crooked in the nation of Afghanistan to get their crazy mitts out of government.....well.....unfortunately I think only their death could possibly solve that dilemma. Most crooked greedy men are just as stubborn and selfish as a man can be and lying, cheating, stealing, and murder are their way of life. Most are only stopped by death thusly most need to be killed. Afghanistan fiefdomism......I would have to think about it, but I will reiterate this is only my opinion however my opinion is not subject to compromise. Afghanistan fiefdomism is a problem in that is where most of the crooks have taken up residence. Is it possible to turn the fiefdoms into economic engines that do not include dope? That is where killing them comes in, because of the cash cow of illegal drugs it makes it damn near impossible to square up the people.

It is of the utmost importance to get the government of Afghinistan to be forthright and upright because that is the strength and right hand of God. There is no other way. "Yea, I will uphold you with the right hand of my righteousness" says God in Isaiah.

The win is in a staunchly forthright and upright government independent of us or anyone else. Pakistan needs to recognize that as well, and keep thier grubby shit to themselves.

The example of prosperity in the rightness of God is in the USA. However as the USA has more and more whored away from uprightness the less and less it has prospered. Afghanistan is just the end results of whoring away from uprightness.

Let me say from another perspective. If you are at war with a nation or ideal and one of the tools you use is to induce the weakness of lying cheating stealing and lasciviousness; and the nation becomes so weak by it that you are able to conquer it, you will then have to slaughter every living soul of that nation; because if you leave anyone alive there will be a deep rooted anger and bitterness that will not go away....ever. That anger hatred and bitterness will one day overcome your conquering ass, turn on you and it will slaughter you instead.

If you are conquering a nation for the riches of that nation and the riches of that nation is in the people and you leave the bulk of the people alive they will one day rise up and beat your conquering ass off. It is the way of the nations. It is the way of peoples, it is the way God has set things in motion.
That is why amongst Muslims there is no peace between nations. It is why there is no peace between Christian nations or Atheist nations. It is a sin to desire your neighbors goods it is covetousness, sin = missing the bullseye.

It should be our goal to not nation build, but to leave them better off than they were before, but mostly stronger morally, and less able to morally justify interfering with other nations and the bulk of the people of that nation in control of their own destiny and their own nations destiny. To leave them better able to defend themselves against all comers. To leave them strong enough to be able to give any body else a serious beating so much so that it becomes not worth the fight.

People in any nation do not willingly go to war because the people of any nation know that they will be the ones doing the killing and dying. Trips their fight or flight response. The bulk of the people will chose to get along rather than fight. It is the bulk of the people who we want to rule any nation. If the leadership reflects the bulk of a nation you are very likely going to see peace.
But when a nation gets it in their head to influence idealistically another nation especially for greed you risk raising an ante which will lead to war. Eventually it leads to wars like WWI and WWII and this upcoming invasion USA which I bet they will call WWIII.

The win is to strengthen Afghanistan's governments determination to be righteous. To do right and be upright and above all to leave other nations out of their bullshit. In fact it is probably good advice for all nations to do the same thing. To do that we need to put aside all of our prejudices and beliefs and fight for the right of Afghanistany people to be Afghanistany people, not what the stupid-o-crats think they would like the Afghanistan people to be.

That is the win. If we get that we win they win the whole region wins. Whether we become nation friends or not. The best thing we as Americans can do is to protect the right of one nation to be that nation. BTW I am not a friend of this phony one world movement. This New world order bullshit is a bullshit lie.

I don't know if I have this in a good comprehensible format or not but this is what it should mean to win in Afghanistan. The Afghanistan people are tough, maybe the toughest. Certainly I think maybe the hardiest in the world. I find a kindred in that somehow. Makes me want to fight for them. With them. For some reason I have a deep respect for warriors.

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