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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

This is all a laughing stock.

What is it, 16 different agencies with veto power. Bullshit. The coast guard stopped the oil sucking barges because of WHAT?, couldn't find out if there were any life vest on the barges? What? Couldn't even figure out who built the barges. What? They should have said wait we'll get you some life vests....... It is all a laughing stock....If the president put one man in charge then anything that can be done should be. No amount of studying should be done, action should be taken now. This pissing contest is over one group in one part of the nation who are driving arm chairs. While I live.....I never saw. But I can tell you it is over educated fatasses who personally wouldn't lift a finger to clean up even one dribbly drop of oil even as a volunteer.
You know they should just go play a command and control Computer game, and get the ing out of the way.

There used to be a commercial on TV back inthe day(when we knew how to prioritize) says, "a mind is a terrible thing to waste". I think that these fatasses who went to college are a good waste of skin.

Beau-o-crats are nothing but a bunch of lazy pencil pushers. Ain't they purty.

They are too inging worried about stepping on each others officious political toes to get the job done. Ing the politics and get to work. What is needed is someone who is not worried about stepping on anybodies toes and get the Goddamn job done and stop inging around.

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