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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The throw the blighters out campagn is on a roll

Goodbye to another incumbent. The democrats have made tooo many mistakes.

I think they thought that they could do the bait and switch, but that ain't turning out so well for them now is it. On another the other hand the Republicans aren't fairing so well either. Turns out that the American public is far more versed in what the constitution is really all about, and do believe that the founders were truly honest in the penning of it. This country is not for machinators or the Machiavellian types. The political machines better get that straight because short of them winning a civil war they are doomed to the trash heap of history. and unless I miss my reads right there ain't going to be no civil war. Even if there were us patriots would win over the money and power mongers. MWHA HA HA!

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