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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

God is with me

Again I have been a little down and again God lifts me up. For some reason I clicked on my
e-bible, and again the first verse my eyes fell upon were percient answers to my thoughts.

Isa 41:9 Thou whomH834 I have takenH2388 from the endsH4480 H7098 of the earth,H776 and calledH7121 thee from the chief menH4480 H678 thereof, and saidH559 unto thee, ThouH859 art my servant;H5650 I have chosenH977 thee, and notH3808 cast thee away.H3988
Isa 41:10 FearH3372 thou not;H408 forH3588 IH589 am withH5973 thee: be notH408 dismayed;H8159 forH3588 IH589 am thy God:H430 I will strengthenH553 thee; yea,H637 I will helpH5826 thee; yea,H637 I will upholdH8551 thee with the right handH3225 of my righteousness.H6664
Isa 41:11 Behold,H2005 allH3605 they that were incensedH2734 against thee shall be ashamedH954 and confounded:H3637 they shall beH1961 as nothing;H369 and theyH376 that striveH7379 with thee shall perish.H6

Reminding me once again that God is with me, and I wist to never forget that.

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