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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Tony Haward goes down

Ain't seen the article yet but according to Gateway; the blog, he' gone. Is that all he gets for lying to congress? He should be in jail for contempt of Congress. I will attach links as I find them. BP is toast. BTW They should throw the lawyers in jail who advised him to take the fifth.

Another report that shows that lawmakers are not inerested in O'Bambas agenda because they have used up his kudos for; I am going to say, his 4 year term in office. He may be the first, first term lame duck president ever.

On the jobs front the number of jobs lost from the knee jerk reaction by O'duma; of shutting down all deep water off shore drilling, is going to add up to an estimated 20, That is 20,000 high paying jobs. The article does try to be nice and say that 3 to 6 thousand jobs initially, but we all know that the rigs are going somewhere else, so that really means 20,000 jobs.

Yep like we didn't already know the gov. lied about job losses. I am still looking for a link to the number of gulf jobs that are going to be lost because of oil messing the rest of the gulfs economies. I know there is an article out there with a guess.

In the meantime it totally appears that Abab-m has no idea that the people under him are continuing to approve plans with out any modification of studies or plans at all. The liberals are stupider than stupid to still be supporting him. Do they not realize that there is a conspiracy afoot, and the conspiracy has wormed it's way right in under there noses within their own ranks? do they not realize that they are the ones being deceived. That from their own ranks cometh the troubles that they so desperately fight.

The question I am still looking for answers to are an estimate of how many jobs are going to be lost from as auxiliary to the oil spill. I heard a first estimate of 500, thousand more. Youch. The Democrats are toast, really toast.

You know I tried to give Obama the benefit of the doubt but wow, he got taken hook line and sinker.

On another front do Senators really have that much power? Yet Bloggers come through. McClatchy has this story about bloggers outing a blocker.

Man I really do not envy the next President. For some reason I think that the one after this next President might be alright. Don't know yet. Maybe I can't see that far because I am dead after that or something.

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