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Friday, June 18, 2010

Tornadoes in Minnisnowta

Not that unusual but they are usually little bitty things. I know, I been there. Even lived in Albert Lea for a short time. So to have killer ternaders are a bit unusual. Rumor had it that my former home town of Siberia Wisconsin had been leveled once by a tornado, but I have never gone too far in confirming that one. Maybe I should.

I see the Fed did thier 'doody' finally, and busted the biggest dope cartel in the world. Ok, it was all over the news yesterday and the links are bziiiiip; gone, today. That'll work.

Ronnie Lee Gardener, chose the way he wanted to die; "Live by the gun, die by the gun", he said. Something about it eases my heart.

The question is; if you were a billionaire would you dedicate half to charity? I would. Why? simple. If I had been blessed with moola at that level, I understand that the responsibility that God has placed upon me. "To whom much is given much is required" Jesus said.

I have oft been accused of really improper writing and speaking habits. We see where the proper enucniatin and dictin I mean diction get us. After all people who proper....actually when I am not trying too be funny I enunciate properly....but speaking with proper grammar in mind.... it all falls under the heading of whoop-dedoo, smart people who talk and write right are the ones who got this country and thusly the world in the financial mess it is in today. Besides....If you care about my grammar so much, what are you doing here. Snoots. Snooty snoot snoots.

I guess it is my way of not being like the real trouble makers in the world. Kind of works out that way anyway.

AAAnd Barton gets shook down for calling out a shake down. Chickennnnn. He was right about the shake down, but his motives were what really got him in trouble. No excuse for BP, the Texas Republican should be smelling the blood in the water and doo like the rest of the sharks. Rip at the carcass. I see the need to decertify BP's participation in US drilling and the giving of their permits to American oil drillers and producers. MHWA HA HA. FO world, "this is My country". Old song you know.

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