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Thursday, July 15, 2010

The bank bill is back on track

It is a compromise bill and Frankly I hate a compromise bill. My second wife comes in to the house one day and out of nowhere asks; "can't we compromise;" Mindlessly I said; "yeah", to this day I still do not know what she was talking about. Problem is; on a spiritual plain, if she was talking about compromising God's word or compromising with whatever the hell is going on on earth, which would be compromising with God's principles, then the answer should be no. So I automatically don't like a compromised plan no matter who the hell made it. If the (I'll be civil for a moment) Democrats wanted to reign in banks they should have done it all the way or not at all. Not at all would have led to the failure of the major banks and a stringent control system would have led to getting getting control of this monstrous black lagoon and the abomination it harbors. You people may have tightened the fence line but I am for the destruction of that animal. Kind of goes against my live and let live philosophy but as long as it is out there and wants me dead(so to speak) I must only reciprocate).

Never the less because we have to get invaded; of a certainty, it must live to accomplish the goal of pissing off the rest of the world so that the world will want and need to invade us to kill it. Being civil works for me but it does not convey the fullness of my anger. I think it is far more effective when I say stuff like, "those fucking idiots". Of course Jesus says Father forgive them for the know not what they do. If these evil men do not cease from their sin; repent and sin in this fashion no more, surely they shall die in their sin.

See a common theme here? Invasion, invasion, invasion. Over and over again. Constant and ongoing. I have said this before and I will say it again when I start something like this and repeat it like a broken record it happens. It is going to happen in it's fullness and it will be terrible retribution. Our only defense is to return to the constitution as it is written and that includes majority rules and the minority takes it on the chin until they are able to convince the majority of the wisdom of it's belief. Instead of this current situation where the minority is shitting all over the majorities beliefs. You know the beliefs like no gay marriage and their should be prayer in school.

There are many things I want to comment on but right at the moment I have to put down here that my mom is in the hospital again. Two days ago she tried to transfer herself from her recliner to her wheel chair by herself and she slipped and fell and broke her leg....again. I was so pissed I went into a rant. It is the fourth time she has broken her leg(she has osteoporosis). She also has some kind of infection and they can't set the bone and I think her body is on the verge of septic shock. In her weakened condition that would likely kill her. Any way she is laying there in intensive care with a broken leg they can't do anything about. I am worried for her.

I also don't think she was all the way in her right mind when she tried to get into the chair because of the infection. They think she has pneumonia. She has been on oxygen for years now and though she never said so, she has emphysema. I got a grudging nod from her only once when I said; "you know you have emphysema",......once, just one time. Stubborn old woman. How dare she deprive me of herself just to sin. Ok, that is selfish, and I am trying to make a little light of it. Doesn't stop me from being mad at her for not listening. Doesn't stop the fear I have that she is in more trouble now than ever. I keep pushing it away from my heart and mind but it just keeps coming back. I went to sleep last night fighting it off and awoke with it first thing on my mind this morning. I hope I am wrong.

The rest of the world be damned for the time being.

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