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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

And what should my wandering eyes behold?

Why freedom of speech at it's peak. A Tea Party group portraying Obama with Hitler. But nooooo they can't take it so they are bitchin bitchin bitchin. Poor poor babies. It's the American way. WE got other things to worry about than whether people are putting up outrageous billboards. But wait it might be accurate. Because the Democrats are after all fascists bastards.

You know Fascism is socialized corporatism right? Exemplified with corporate welfare. You know that right? So we kicked the shit out of Hitler so we could have his corporate welfare shit.....WRONG.

Sarah Palin said it best about the American Tea Party.

"I just spent a few beautiful Alaskan days with some beautiful Americans in my
husband's birthplace - they are Todd's family and they are Yupik Eskimo. In the
decades that our families have blended, I have never heard one proud, patriotic
member judge another member based on skin color. Both Todd and I were raised to
measure a person according to their capacity and willingness to love, work,
forgive, contribute, and show good character. We're joined by the vast majority
of Americans in this belief whereby we measure a man by his character, not his
color. Because of amazing efforts and accomplishments by those who came before
my generation, it is foreign to us to consider condemning or condoning any one's
actions based on race or gender. Being with our diverse family in a melting pot
that is a Native village just days ago reminded me of that."

Soo the people who throw libelous statements around like racists and racism and who are trying to foment division are shitting on people who are not. I don't shtink they understand that nooobodies listening to them any more.

Next. Oops. Was not martial law declared in New Orleans?.....Noooo.....? So These Cops murdered two people in cold blood. You mean that is how they are in New Orleans? Owwww! By rights then the penalty is death.....? Oww ow ow ow. Was New Orleans all bout the perceptions and did the hurricane expose them for who the fuck they really are? You know it is nice that we help out the poor and the downtrodden who had nothing to do with the stupid, cheatin, lying, stealing, political bullshit that happened(s) in New Orleans but really. If the government wants to send a real message to New Orleans then it should pursue the death penalty. Would they get a conviction from a jury??? Depends if the cops are tried in front of a jury of their piers or not. Cops wouldn't convict but an antagonistic jury far more likely to convict. However the likely hood of a murder trial against cops shooting looters on site in N.O. in the aftermath of Katrina ending in a conviction with a death penalty is practically nil. Why? Because the public is more antagonistic against mob born rule behavior and attitudes. Never the less it is no less mob rule to shoot looters on site.

So this is really mob rule vs mob rule. How should we deal with this ultimately. Well objectively we have to try and convict the cops for murder and then we have to clean out the whole political system in New Orleans; get rid of all the crooked politicians and law enforcement, install constitutional sticks in the mud, and amazingly peace will be fomented. Probability of that happening with out an invasion. Big fat fucking Zero. Way to much Athenian endless arguing; and Machiavellian political maneuvering going on, and not enough right is right and wrong is wrong. The crooks are crooks, the cool thing is mainly we got crooks outnumbered about 98 to 2.

The crooks have lost they just don't know it yet.

Get it?

My dad used to say; ooooh with a rising lilt in his voice when he was mildly surprise at some new fact. So I have to say why the boring surprise at the retail sales report? I read another article concerning Intels stock going up which assuaged Wall Streets fears somewhat. Why should they be assuaged? Huh? Why should they? Businesses computers are old and they are going to replace them and they have held off too long. I am looking forward to getting a PC with about a 4gig processor though. Like to run the games good ya know.

And since when does the media take notice of crazy nuts?.....oh yeah all the time, but it must be slow news day. It may end up being the end of BP in the world but not thee end of the world. Jeez all it takes is some knowledge of physics; which should include the actual weight of the world, the velocity of the world, to know that it would take practically a nova or a moon sized planet striking the earth to destroy the world. Anything less is not the end of the world. Now that is of course a technicality for what the fuckin doomsayers or what the fuckers are saying the doomsayers are saying is that man's time on earth is done because of BP and the oil spill. How stupid can men get? I think they can get stupider but I can't imagine how or what stupidity they are going to offer up as prophecy next. Apparently these doomsayers reside only here in the good ol' currently fucked up USA. There have been bigger oil spills and whoa the world is still here. 'Whatdayaknow'. Still here......God, they are just false prophets.

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