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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Good for the Real Estate industry

But not good for anyone else.

Obama sends a mere pittance to the border to increase security and the Hispanics start acting like little baaaabies, aaaw ain't they cute.

Overall corporations gain and stocks gain. Question. Where's the beef? People ain't working and obviously this is not really good news as companies and investors are not investing in few or any new factories; at least not enough to make a dent in in the US anyway. Corperation's are not hiring. Little guys are not hiring. Every company is practically pared to the bone, they are waiting for things to break loose or break down. It really has nothing to do with Obama outside of the fact that Obama tried to compromise with the crooked establishment to gain some in the polls. Funny thing about it. That isn't what the people wanted. They expected Obama to end the governments crookedness, at least that is what he ran on. Or did they think that the American people would not hold the dumbocrats feet to the fire.
Let's face it. The people don't want to hear that the "rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer".

Seriously; what this report says to me is that elitists are gaining ground, and everyone else like about 90 percent of the rest are lucky to hold on. What that is going to equal is a major league drubbing at the at the ballot box. If for no other reason than jealousy. It is not just that. This country was born out of sense of fair play and cheating is forbidden.

The voters got a sense that the corporations got a back door to congress because they got money. They got a feeling that without money they can't fight back to take the bumps and lumps out of the playing field. Actually it is more like a wall too high. It is the same elitism that third world countries experience.

The elites in these countries control who is out there making money and they are only letting those they like; based on how much the people they like, kiss their shitty asses. Problem with people who kiss other peoples ass; it is only flattery, and they 'usually' hate kissing ass and therefore hate the people who's ass they kiss. Which means that if they get a chance to kill them they usually capitalize and kill them. Metaphorically of course. We have come to use those kinds of terms rather loosely today. But that is what the US has come to.

You can see it in the reality game shows especially. Liars and ass kissers coupled with the conniving backstabbing bullshit. Yet even the liars and bullshitters want only to take with them the most truthful and loyal. Hence the proof of what I have said before. "Even Liars hate being lied too." Their is no justification for lying even to save another persons feelings. When I was a child I used to think that lying to prevent bad feelings. It never works. In fact the bad blood; it just makes it worse. I have since put that away, as I have aged. In fact I put that away by the time I was 30 or 35. I realized that God found no excuse in it, and if I loved God and Jesus then I would follow his example of never lying for any reason. So I don't.

This country was not made so that I would have to kiss some rich fuckers ass in order for me to prosper. This country was born so that I or anyone could prosper in spite of what any other dumb fuck or fucks thought based on how they felt. It has nothing to do with anyones level of education or relationships but rather their cleverness and industrious hard work.

In another article I find that US intelligence is afraid of the consequences from the huge leak of documents. I suppose so. But in the intelligence community where lying is the norm and Machiavellian weaving leads to strange shit, in this case has led to the deaths of American troops the American people are definitely not going to be tolerating that news. Unfortunately to the intelligence community their machinations are only for the intelligence communities good and not for the good of the US. In other words; where did the intelligence agencies all the way up to the President get the fucking right to sacrifice a human being so that they could have a reason to chunk a few missile across Pakistan's border. This is not serving the Constitution nor the people of the USA. Frankly the United states could just fire missiles all day every day at the terrorists; and Pakistan won't do a damn thing and we don't have to have any kind of relationship with Pakistan to do that. That Pakistan harbors the enemy and gives them aid is enough for us, and what the fuck are we afraid of. Their is not a nation on earth that doesn't owe us at least the respect due to the fact that their primary mode of exchange is backed by the green back. If they shoot at us even covertly they just shoot themselves in the ass.

I have how ever been advocating the splitting up of current monetary system into four types of backing. You might ask why, but I think the way it is going to work out is to that the nations will be emboldened when the day arrives to invade us. NYA NYA!

Not my reasoning for doing(advocating the diversity of monetary backing) that. My reason is that it will stabilize the worlds monetary system so that one country doesn't cause the rest of the worlds economies to crash and burn if it goes down like the US's always does(takes the rest of the world down with it economically). But that is what is going to happen. Better to leave me alone and be prepared with every blade sharpened, every caisson and magazine full just in case the worst case scenario happens. Best to have the better weapons and training and that the populace armed to the teeth ready and prepared emotionally and mentally. Best to pull every soldier we have out there home, again just in case.

Fact is the world appears to be trying to get us to keep our soldiers on station overseas. Looks to me like the conspiracy is to make it easy to win against us if it ever came to that. My job is to not make it easy for them to win. In fact my job to make it impossible to win a world aginst us war. Or make it so goddamn expensive even in money. That in and of itself would be a deterrent. In other words we should just be so buff militarily that it would take millions of men just to get an invasion started. What throws a monkey wrench in the works is when crooks masquerading as business men go out around the world and force other countries to bend to their will by using the US government so they can make large money(Old mob slang term. Saw it in a movie.).

However it looks like that would be good for my prediction; that the rest of the world becomes so incensed that the will have no choice but to invade. The other nations are pissed off as it is now. They are just keeping it to themselves. I would bet though that they are meeting in secret, 'a plottin and plannin'. I love it. I think that they will become so mad that they will invade no matter how tough we make ourselves. I think that the tougher we make ourselves the sooner they will invade. I can only hope. Well that doesn't quite explain how I feel. I just think it is inevitable and better we be prepared. It will save lives druther than cost them. The less prepared we are the more Americans will be killed. Which one of you naysayer's would want to sacrifice your personal lives and the lives of your families trying to appease the rest of the world all the while others of your kind are stabbing you in the back by using your appeasement to make a lot of money apparently at the expense of the majority of people here in the USA.

See how this winds round and round. No matter which way I look at this thing it is like the worlds mind is made up. We are going to get invaded. Thirteen years ago, I advocated the United States pull our divisions back to the USA (I will amened this to, 'and it's territories') except for South Korea. That we go nearly completely neutral except for where South Korea and Israel are concerned.

If we get invaded I am going to look like the worlds greatest genius, or seer, or prophet, or whatever( whether I am or not doesn't matter). I say we are and when we do I am going to get the right to say FUCK YOU! Fact is I got the right to tell you people to fuck off now and I am telling the world and you people to fuck off now and that is that. Whether I say that or not then is to be seen I guess.

Sometimes I think I understand how King David felt as he wrested the kingdom away from Saul. Over and over David said that he would not raise a hand to Saul and he did not. Never the less God saw to it that Saul was killed, and the kingdom was given to him. Later one of Davids sons usurped the kingdom and David wrested the kingdom back, but it was not his will or desire that his son be killed. But he was.

At a spiritual level who was I to God that I should think things like this that I can not prove but with the passing of time.

Mans dominance of Earth is nearly at an end. God shall return and reclaim this world for himself and he will dominate it; and man shall see that God though swift to justice is slow to judge. Is loving and kind and brooks no evil or wickedness. Men will live in a peace that has not been but since man was created on Earth.

I wish I could be the maker of this peace, but it is not for me to do. This peace is reserved for God alone; for he reserves for himself whatsoever he will, and this peace is his to bring, and he will bring it. I 'm wearing this yellow T-shirt with the word faith embroidered across a sun.

That about sums it all up.


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