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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Is this Bank of America's apoligy?

For being very much apart of the economic crash? I don't think this will be enough to make up for their fuck-ups. Cause they are fuck-ups. I did learn something from this article though. Small business now employs 75% of all those employed in the USA. Interesting cause it wasn't that long ago that it was only 58% like 1994. Ya ya to kids that ain't that old 1994 is like when they were oblivious. Plus the media is like trying to hide shit like that or their numbers have been hacked and now they don't remember, which for a media man should be criminal or something.

You would think that the democrats would get it. Right now with all the bullshit and shenanigans that they would just throw Rengal to the wolves but noooo they want to make another in a long line of huuuuge mistakes this year.

Ok. I'll explain it for the not so bright people here, I will explain all this.. Ya see the oil spill....bad....bought and paid for by BP contributions..... which I think should be illegal for a foreign owned company and/or it's subsidiaries to make political contributions anyway. In fact any American employee of a foreign owned subsidiary should also be banned from making contributions.....because they could be work mailed into it..... ya know coerced....have thier jobs held over there heads sort of thing.
Then we have 90,000 classified pages released to the media of which some explain that American troops have been getting killed by our supposed ally Pakistan....
Then we have ol' whats her name outed as a Marxist and racist over there in Georgia......and now to try and save face the dummy-crats are pulling another good-ol-boy Oh Mr Rengal we can't have you muckin up our water; not that it isn't already mucked up, so we wil just declare you Innocent and let you go free instead of making us look bad by us flaying your career. We can't have that now can we? Rengel is a effin crook and there is not an American who pays any half arsed attention who doesn't know this. Why?.... well shit. You figure it out. But we know.
so why then is this not good for the Democrats? well. Nobody is listening to the Democratic bullshit on account that very same propaganda bullshit ain't got 8 million jobs back. In fact every thing they have done has probably cost even more jobs.....ain't nobody fooled. So lets just pull some more of the same stuff that piles right on top of the; 'I am starting to hate the Democrats Camel'. Just a few more straws and craaack.....that back will break and the people are going to be tromping all over the political graves of a bunch of demi-crats.

Here let me throw the Democrats another bone. You remember back when the Republicans finally took the the House away from the Democrats after like 50 years of not being in control? The republicans just didn't freakin know what to do and well they kind of screwed up. Now the Democrats have a black President. and of course the black President and his black advisers are kind o' making a bunch of mistakes. Not so easy now is it? Not the same as sitting on the sidelines sniping and griping? Now you all' got to put out . You know I do feel some kind of sorry for black people because Barack has done some crap that no self respecting black person would have ever done. Like bowing to another human on earth and apologizing to the world for being embarrassed by the US. Shit. You embarrass us there Mr President. Damn.

I'll edit this tommorow.....maybe.

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