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Monday, July 19, 2010

LeBron James has asses for friends and whup

So Carter is the ####### thug.

When you are high profile you have definitely got to lay low so as to not #### up your income. Cause that is what you do look like. Nobody wants to use a thug for advertising.

Herman Melville said something really funny; He said: "And yet self-knowledge is thought by some not so easy. Who knows, my dear sir, but for a time you may have taken yourself for somebody else? Stranger things have happened."

Herman Melville or Herman Melville. He means, Who the #### do you think you are?....How to be a smart ....... by a smart guy.

Aaand oh ####. That oil well has a leak. Which means that the oil is traveling around from the very bottom of the well and has now found a new way to the surface. Which means that if they don't relieve pressure on that well head the leak will just continue to grow which means even if they plug the well the oil will....Oh ####. Sooo who is this spiritual advisor to BP? Cause they obviously don't know there ass from a hole under the sea. I read a comment or article, no it was a comment by an engineer over at Wizbang about this very thing. Are the government and BP still going to put on pretenses as clothing instead of real clothing? You know. Pump the oil to the surface. Put it on ships....Sell help defer the cost of cleaning it up.....Ya know what I mean.....Vern?

Happier notes? I wanna live in something like this.

My nasty temperament aside here this is what I have been talking about. Don't just sit in your pews like bumps on a log. Do something.

Yep, they are worried about food again. Drought in Asia and Russia....Cool not time for the invasion..........yet.

Microbicide. New stuff for the girls.

Crop Circles a hoax? That is not news. Back in the seventies you could see the path that some obvious hoaxters were using. I think the News knew it too but it made for some fun anyway.

Aside from all this my mom is in surgery right now. I guess getting a piece of steel inserted in her bones. I am hoping for good out of this but osteoporosis is a bummer. No bone strength.

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