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Sunday, July 18, 2010

My world is mine

Says T-man, but he does make an outstanding point backed up with facts about employees going to work sick. I want to make this statement as well. How about the people you make sick from attending work while contagious. There have got to be some figures out there that. Greedicans just don't get that fact do they. Lots of stupidity in this world. Costs them more-n-tis-worth. Point of diminishing returns. Wouldn't be such a problem if people would just STOP FUCKING LYING. Brack blah.....that's funny.

My cat's an ant eater......really, he eats ants. They both do in fact.......Just thought I would throw that in here for fun. He is so cute(I won't want to hear about that one either) as he sits there with that perky/play attitude licking up ants off the deck or floor. The other one paws at them before she licks them up. I wonder it they taste good to them. I can't imagine that though.

Nope. Only if the President and the Democrats want to have the voters cram this up their asses at the poles also. Freedom in blogging is freedom of speech. IF he don't like it? Then why the fuck did Obama run for President in the United states of America. I wonder if he is really a subversive from a foreign country because that shit is not American.

And the President just orders the insurance companies to toe a line. I was livid at insurance companies a few short years ago and now Mhwahahahaha! They didn't listen, and now look at them. Who's the fuckin idiots now. I give you people the nuuklear middle finger. All them MBA's and PHD's, suuuuper geni-ou-ses went to school so they could run them corporations and a little ol' pen stroke sends them all to the golf course all because they just couldn't get the idea through their heads that THEY weren't in control of shit. You see I am not a liberal just into revenge for them; 'cough', killing so many people by policy.

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