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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lindsey Lohan

Ya know Lindsey, you ain't in yo momma's; house any more where you can just throw a little temper tantrum and get your way. This is the big bad ol'world and you got to cow tow or get crushed. Your parents apparently did you a disservice by spoiling you. Truth is concrete; and if you keep smashing your face against it, it will mess you up.

Parents spank your kinds(Kinds...... I like that. I bet thats where kids originates from. Kinds to kin'd to kids and kin. every word we speak today has been changed by the masses, not the rich and powerful). If for no other reason than because if you don't they will likely end up in jail pathetically breaking down because they took her eyelashes and fake hair away from her. Like I said pathetic. Or in my real language. Fucking pathetic. Time to grow up Lindsey.......Time to grow up.

Like I said and you can quote me on this. The higher profile you have, the lower you got to lay so as to not 'fuke' up your life.

I'll be back later, got to water the maters.

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