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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

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No; she should of been fired for her remarks, not just her remarks but her actions, because she should have gone all the way to help in spite of her feelings. All she proved was that she was no better than the racist she was supposed to help. We don't need that kind of racism in this country anywhere from anyone. I am not Native American, I am either an American or Creek/Cherokee. If I do get my card and I can, then I am Creek/Cherokee and cease to be an American. My Mom and sisters and brother got their cards and I don't, so I get to say I am an American. And I will be happy to fuck anybodies day up who cares to differ. I been down the road of being discriminated against, heavily and I don't want to hear anymore fucking bitching from anyone about wanting to get even. God is the one who gets even for us. We don't have to do a damned thing.

The question is are we willing to die for our beliefs. I am. I am not so willing to kill for them. I am damn straight not into unilateral action. Either I fight as a part of a whole or not at all. I am ready though.

Huh? There must be something deeper going on. Why did Wal Mart pay money to social services for the trampling of one of their workers? Sounds like a givment shake down.

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