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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Monkey in the middle

You ever been the brunt of being the monkey in the middle. I have. Problem with the kids who thought it was so funny to tease me like that. The Monkey might not be a monkey but a baby gorilla. When that baby grows up might be the gorilla playing tossem-up in the air, and playing himself.... with the kids who thought it was funny....who don't think it is funny any more....Cause well I get distracted and forget to catch you...not on purpose you know....sorry did that hurt....Y'all got enemies and they can see perfectly well what I'ma doing and well....they hate you people mor'n I do....I gotta should have never wanted to play monkey in the middle on me.

The Moral of the story. Don't play monkey in the middle on someone because it ain't a monkey you are playing with. I never wished for revenge but revenge is still sweet.

God is in control.

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