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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Mortgage rates low but nobody is buying

Because people got wise. People are learning not to get themselves in over their heads and so are the banks. Not to mention that if a brand knew home is going to cost them more than a hundred thousand and the payments are really high. You know what? I am having trouble putting this into words. It is kind of like this. The average worker makes about 30,000 a year, the job market is unstable and the average person does not know what is going to happen. In fact you might as well say there is 'no' confidence in the economy at all. No confidence equals no buying a home with giant payments.

Just to throw some numbers out there. Fer instance if you buy a new home that is over 100,000 bucks, the payment could be around 750 a month for the rest of your life you ain't going to take the risk that you would lose your home shortly after you bought it. I wouldn't. It don't make sense and that goddamned devil that wants you to buy shit just to make rich people happy can just shove it up his ass.

Yesterday I had a similar problem with putting something in words. I was talking to a former reserve police officer telling him that in essence you can't just go out there with an 'I have the power to kill you' attitude. That is just fucking wrong. You have to go out there with an I have the power to help you attitude. Love in side of you emanates forth and that is the power. He said he goes out respectfully. The last thing I said was, "with Love come respect". That is if you love, you respect. People can tell if you love them or not. It is in you non verbal facial expressions but not necessarily your smile.

Any way I woke up this morning ashamed that I could not seem to get that out. The next time I see that guy I am going to apologize for being a fucking idiot and coming across as a know it all. I wish I did know it all but then that is impossible for anyone other than Jesus.

I also am not going to give a shit for anyone that has some kind of problem with me talking about love and cussing around at the same time. In other words I don't care what anyone may think about it. You might say I piss against the walls of common decency so I can get what I say fully emphasized. I piss against the wall. Metaphorically of course. Actually I have pissed against many a wall but that is you know a man's prerogative, pissing against the wall that is.

We had the family get together last night out at my sisters place. Hot dogs were the main course and our traditional shootin off all the fireworks that we had brought. I enjoyed it. Of course the men folk talked politics and social structure while the wimmin talked on.......I don't know.
I hung out mainly with the cousins; me being the oldest of the batch. On the one hand it is quite an honor been bestowed upon me by God and on the other, it's a spot.....You know what I mean. I really don't know because I grew up in it. I was always tickled to hear when another baby was born into the family. There are about fifty cousins. Well anyway there were about ten cousins and about ten second and third cousins. Little kids having a ball watching and setting off firecrackers and artillery and whatnot. The kids were ecstatic. We set off one of those little hot air balloons. The air was perfectly calm but as you would have it a gentle breeze came up and blew it towards the tree line aaaand it got caught in a tree.....still burning. For a little while I thought we were going to have another story to tell about how we caught the forest on fire on the Fourth of July. Not really, but I have to profess I was one of them yelling for Herb to get the water hose to put the little balloon out. It went out on it's own thankfully.

I guess I embarrass myself but I am oblivious to it, you can't care whether other people love you or not or even care about you. You love them anyway.....even family. Besides I don't blame them. I am Ok with standing alone. When I was young it hurt but I didn't blame anyone, I just blamed myself for not being able to fit in. Today I nearly revel in not fitting in. I think I even prefer it. I am free in myself because Jesus set me free. I am no ones captive and that is cool.

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