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Friday, July 23, 2010

Now for some fun

* This is what you get when someone rear ends you.
* Yep we got maters, I don't know what is causing the leaves to dry up like that. I think it is a fungus or something.....that lump of concrete with the vent in the background is....a bomb shelter. Cool Huh? Circa 1950's. The old cold war era still hanging out. The thing isn't fit for shelter though.....loaded with brackish water. I could mess with it but then WTHF.
* Look at what I found. I don't know for sure how long the brick had been buried, it could have been as long as 100 years. I aim to pull them up and re-level them, and build a brick grill with patio out back for the family and friends that come over and visit.
* My Crazy Wife and her tan. Ok, she isn't totally nougats, just enough to make life a hell of lot more struggle than it already is. Anyway this is her tan.......
* She got in this pool, I got for a really good price($129.00). We had to find some way to get her some exercise. Of course I had to put down a sand pad to level up the ground, but that works out cause I got extra sand to build the brick path and patio with.

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