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Friday, July 23, 2010

This is funny to me.

Here I sit trying to get people to take my words and use them but Coolridge had this to say:

Plagiarists are always suspicious of being stolen from.
Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1772-1834)

So does this mean that Iran now has ICBM capabilities.... Yep it do. Are you dumb-o-crat naysayers skeerd yet. Tell me ya'll don't know that the Muslims want to cut your heads off? Mwhahahaha! They would love nothing better than to put a nuke right on top of the white house. Now it looks like they can.

Um are the Liberalis finding out that the third world is really barbaric and understand nothing but the stick? Looks like it to me.

This drunk got amorous in Iowa wanted to hug a guy and then got kinda beserky. What I like about this is it is an example of juris-restraint by the police. The drunk got nothing mor'n misdemeanors which is all it is really worth. None of this stacking on shit giving the DA negotiating room. That shit pisses me off. First off, that the Police feel they have to pile up a huge number of charges, and second that the DA is pressured to bargain so as to relieve his own work load, and third because about half of them charges are stretching the truth. It would be quicker and cheaper to charge em with a few rock solid things than to try and make sure that the crazy fools; who pull insane shit, get jail time. They probably would get just as much jail time anyway. Which because of our overloaded jails and prisons is generally abbreviated.

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