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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Nuther day , nuther day, nuther day..........

Same thing....nuther day. Rangel....negotiating failing.....must be the new boy on the chopping block....cause they look bound and determined to get rid of him.....I wonder if he played hardball juuuust a little to much....Eighty years old and clinging to what? I have never heard his war story but the way that the mainstream news is just not all that interested in the truth of a story but whether they can sell advertisement or not.......probably didn't ever say.....cause he probably lied about that too. Trouble with probabilities. 98% percent still leaves the nagging little two percent....just a hangin out there waiting to bite you in the ass.

I wish you could hear my......OOOOOOH Mr Zagel, you just made a real bad boo boo. He says according to this article that he is more worried about the run of the mill Americans who think that what they got to say is worth something. But wait here is the quote.

Zagel says; "he's more worried about a pervasive belief among Americans that
their opinion somehow counts on any subject — and that non-crackpots couldn't
help trying to persuade jurors with reasoned argument".

'Yousa' an example of an elitist American. One of those who have the US rules the world mentality. I say an awful lot of things in a narcissistic way, but this guy just revealed his inner core self. Fact is the judge just kind circled back on himself. If you think you count and use reasoned logic and he is afraid that the jury would or could be swayed by reasoned logic then is he right in his attitude that what these people think that they count, correct?...... Noo; if a person thinks that what they say counts, and use reasoned logic to try an persuade, and are successful then........get it......they do, and the judge is really afraid that they do......Exposing the Judges attitude that he wishes they didn't....and his own doing something to prevent them from having a say.

I catch that the judge is really afraid of the general public....but then that may be extending the thought too far.....Maybe not.... However I get the feeling that Government is just waiting for the payback foot to drop. Payback for what, I might ask? Are they doing something they shouldn't? Is the current establisment plotting something? HMMMM? Sure looks like it to me.
I think the people are really tired of Government running rough shod all over the peoples beliefs.
Now; lest you should think that I think the judge made and incorrect ruling, think again. I thought that all jurist were sequestered making their decisions in private influenced not at all by the outside world. In fact I think it should be that way. In fact it should be that way.
All I am saying is; 'oh looky', the judge is not so impartial after all. Like no one didn't know that that judges didn't have an opinion....


Hey here is an answer...I talk really fast and I just thought of a way to show it in typing.

Italksofastthatthe wordsruntogether likethis. makesithardforpeopleslowofhearingtolisten. Getit. Peoplewhoalsotalkreallyfastusuallyunderstandme. Thosewhodon'thavedifficulties. IalsothinkthatfastinfactIthinkmuchfasterandthatmakesithardertogetwhatIwanttosaydown. The thoughtswithoutasmuchof amind to rememberasIusedtohave duetomildbraindamage arent ssittingaroundaswell.SometimesitisfrustratingbutIfugureIgetdownonlywhatGodwantsmetoanyway.

IthinkIwillalsoshowyou anuneditedversionofwhatitlookslike. Inotherwordsif Ididnotediteandgobackandreadandspellchec.This alsowouldshowyouthatiamhavingsoneannoyingissueswith typingwhereithinkiamrwritingonethinbutitisbeingcoopetedbysomekingofthinghwereiendounotknowingmylefthad frommyrightthatcoupledwithmythis keyboard beigforlike achild or girl or somethingnot for a regularsized mans handslike the old one oar.......itislikesomethinginmymyndisbackwards.

Let me give you an unedited version of what it all would look like if i didnlt go back and read what I had just written. It gets pretty wild. I often on first reread laugh at some ot the misspellings. also the punctuation is not reall all theie. to it have to goback and punctuate.l not that I kknow allthat much about punctuation but atleas itgives people achance to figure out wou I am tyuing to say.

Now you can understand how difficult it actually is for me to get this all down; what I think and all, and why it is pretty important that most of the time I go back read this, even posting articles and then editing them after posting. I have to, or it would look very much like what you see above. I comprehend it perfectly, but making my fingers do what I want to is ______.
I don't want your sympathy and I don't need your help. Just get out of my way. But you will understand.........I say it like it is a decree. Maybe I am....decreeing it.....

In other words we don't want to see your butt crack. Unless your a woman. Then men don't mind looking at skinny wimmen butt crack. That would be gettin a grizzled ehh. They should get a ticket anyway. Butt cracks tickets that is.

A mishmash of data. Unemployment claims drop...a little...but unemployment remains at 9.5%. Total number getting UE checks is....8.17 million... It was quite a struggle for the writer to make good out of this article, he failed. Ya see the current numbers aren't going to change the fact that the economic disaster is now the Democrats problem and they have failed miserably to right the situation. Not only have they failed but by all appearances they want worse.
Another disturbing factor. The GNP grew at a healthy rate....That means that the money is not going into regenerative economic resources like factories....It is going into someones pocket just not the the run of the mill guys pockets. this situation has all the earmarks of dragging this country down not up...the people see this, and the government knows that the people see this. Twon't be long before the government gets it's elected butts thowed to the curb and then we can maybe straighten all this out. Maybe. I am curious to see how this all works out.

I think that even the whole world now sees that they can't manipulate the,"We the people",that the Constitution talks about. The people will let the crap go on so long as they are not threatened with a lack of food, shelter, and clothing. However threaten that, and WHUP. The people fire those in charge and put others in; who will secure for them, Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

The people have nowhere to go and their backs are in a corner. In an massive number; virtually everyone both past, and present came to this continent to get away from the lying BS that has so permeated the rest of the world. I think the world hated that, and has tried to, and has successfully dragged the government and the current intellectual community into it's delusions of world wide grandeur, of some kind of Utopian vision, thinking that they could create by force. Everything begets of itself. In other words; except for God, with men force begets force. Atrocity begets atrocity. Greed begets greed. This ball field is permanent for mankind. The Commies sowed confusion and division and now they are divided and confused. They eat what they sow. You sow harmony and and, love you will get it. You sow peace you will get peace.

The people like Rengel sowed bad seed; and tried to stamp out the good food, without realizing that is the only good food for all men, and now they only get bad food. Bad food. Bad food for the mind, bad food for the soul. They sowed wild things and now they can't understand why the wild things don't go their way. Cause they are unadulterated wild things.

What the president has with the men who surround him are men who have only sowed wickedness and hate, now that they realize that they will only harvest wickedness and hate. Their only logical conclusion is that they will have to till the soil turning under their works and start over.

However these times have been foreseen and the vast majority of the people have sown some good seed that is now coming to fruition.

Seed like the reminder that the Constitution is still viable, and sacrosanct, and worthy of fighting for, and dieing for. "We the People" shall fight when it comes down to it. We shall resist by the ballot, and resits by exercising our rights to the fullest, and when the world, finding failure at overpowering us mentally, and spiritually, deems it necessary to invade with their hordes; because there is a God we shall win, because at the moment when it shall look bleakest we shall be empowered by God and his Spirit and his Kingdom, and rise up once more, and throw off the Communist/Fascist oppressors, as we have thrown off every manner of wickedness, and evil that the world thought to make of us in the past. And we shall do it to once again; as a tool of God's, prove that there is a God. And when he declares that a nation shall be only he can undeclare it an I am here to say the beyond a shadow of a doubt he has permanently declared the USA ,and this nation shall be, even forever in Heaven with him.

Fight on Children of God,
Fight on Sons of the Republic,
God is with us,
We cannot fail,
Many may stumble,
Many may fall,
Fight on,

The the ideal shall prevail,
God be with us,
We fight not alone,
God Strengthen us,
That we not faint,
We shall win this war,
That we not falter in our Faith,

Fight on America,
Fight on,
Sons of this Republic,
Pick up your brethren,
Sons of God,
Pick up your brethren,
Dust off their clothes,

Defend their lives,
Against the foe,
Defend their honor,
Against the foe,
For this Republic is by God,
Fight on America,
Fight on.................................

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