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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Same ship different day

Blagojo(ja)(je)(whatever)vich. Wasn't he a Democrat. Cha. Democrats still making Democrats look bad. Oh wait. They don't look bad.......they ARE bad. BAAAD people.

The FBI used to be the best of the best. The highest ethical standards. I have noticed that since the days of President Clinton....... they have gone way down on the ethical/moral list.

Nothing like a major disaster to expose the weaknesses in centralized government. You know what centralized governments main weakness is. It is Born out of slothfulness. And sloth is a sin. Get rid of centralized government and sloth will shrink to a more ignorable percentage of the population. In other words the people being more on their own will get back to work. Of course you have to get the locals to start having a deaf ear to people bitching about their neighbors....Ya see the Orwellian type of government depends on tattletales. Problem with too much tattling. The tattlers have stability of mind issues. IE they are nuts. Adam and Eve ate nuts.

Ya know why I call the Muslims barbarians? The greatest number of pirate attacks we have had in the world have beeeen.....Muslims. Barbarians. Whether this was a pirate attack or not I don't know.....doesn't matter.

The criminal immigrants and drug barons may have won for the moment however they have lost. See the fed really has no ability to determine if the state is complying with the ruling or not;
fact is the states have long ago stopped cow towing to the fed. Besides it would be criminal of the fed to interfere with a state which is not violating a citizen of the USA's rights. In other words there is no mechanism in the Constitution from preventing the State of Arizona rounding up criminals who just happen to be illegal aliens. Further more, there is no law that stops the state of Arizona from carting the illegals to the Mexican border and just throwing them out themselves. Trust me the states, could get together and do all kinds of shit the fed knows nothing about. As far as that Orwellian shit is concerned. You think the states don't know where all the devices are?

Also that for now ensures that the drug creeps will be here when we get invaded and the invaders are not going to discriminate on who they kill. They will be systematically killing everyone. You see all this propaganda going around the world about how we Americans just go around killing innocents on the battle field. Ya it's is going to come back to haunt us in the invasion. Oh da poor little babies.......they won.

I'll be sure to shed a tear for all of you fuckers as you are slaughtered........NOT. I won't dance on your graves but I will be happy when you people are dead.

Here's one. A tax on fat people. good one. got to get the link for that.

You got to paaaaay to be fat. When I was growing up we used to beat fat people up. Well, I didn't I thought they were nice people but man they used to get teased. I wouldn't let anyone beat on anyone but saying was another matter.

I am getting tired of cussing and swearing so here is something less angst inspiring for me. A meteor about 12 feet in diameter weighing about 56 tons blew up in the upper atmosphere about 10 years ago. The blast registered out at 17000 metric tons; corection 1700 tons(to reallyimpressyou that would be over 34000 pounds of blast), of force and left nothing but a few chunks of rock to be collected. What should be awe striking for you is to imagine the size of the blast created by 17000 tons of dynamite. I may have seen an eighth stick a time or two but even one pound of TNT is impressive . I would have to connive too much to get to see that much go off. I am lazy that way. If I have to beg, borrow, or steal I'll just sit here on my butt and do nothing thank you, and that is a good thing. NYA.

Rush man says it pretty well. so why is the left so screaming what they are screaming. Old saying comes to mind. Dogs smell their own shit first.

The Fed has over spent by 1 trillion so far this year and this little article give you a comparison as to how much that is.

For instance that is enough to pay 38.4 million families about $21,000.00 a year or about one half of all families in the USA.

Resistance is obviously not futile.

Oh dear me....DID I do THAAAAT? Whahoo! Were gonna get invaded; were gonna get invaded.
Aaaand there is nothing the the American commie intellectuals can do about it Mwhaaa! Oh wait this is about the world going to another reserve currency. just opens the door once they get this thing going.....

Oops! Rangel, people are telling you to quit....because this thing is making the Democrats look bad.

The stock market is the tail. The dog? Why the Givement of course. Fortunately the dog is wagging the tail, and unfortunately the dog is wagging the tail.

I can't seem to stop! Ha ha fooled ya. This is not a link. I just stopped to count the number of stories I had to comment about.

Oh I see the Director of the FBI is a little defensive over the testing thing-y. Blue cause you know the blue language demon is trying to say something. Hey there is a good idea. I'll use blue coloring for blue language instead of spelling it out. ______ Or something like this in blue____ then you may insert your own favorite expletive.

Last for the day I might be mad but never so mad that I can't just have a laugh.

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