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Friday, July 16, 2010

Ok so I have settled down a minute.

From being worried about Mom. Enough anyway to make some smart ass comment about what is going on out there in this country any way.

Consumer prices go down for third straight month. Does thaaat mean that people aren't spending money.....???? YES IT DOES!!!! And whyyyy are they not spending money???? Because they know that the future economic situation is not very good, NO MATTER WHAT THE FUCKIN IDIOTS IN THE MEDIA SAY!!!!!........AH that felt good.

What's this, an earth quake in Washington, the city of? Noo shit. I wonder if God is trying to say something to them? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Only 550million? Hell why not ten percent of their corperate value? Shit, suck em dry, take it all that'll teach the shits not to be thieving liars.

The cap is far so good.

In a letter to the President I get to say; 'I tol ya', You wonder why I kep saying don't do this and do this this way. Maybe I fuckin know somthing. Sometimes I imagine what it would be like if I were president with my fuck this and fuckin that. Mha! It's a funny thought. I can hear all-th stupid selfish righteous shits complaining now. Now O-damn-a is a giant fuckin drag on the dum-ocrats. Good for the republicans but is it good for the Republic? Ok I don't like saying that it might not be good for the Republic for OBama to be bad for the Democrats. It would be very good for the Republic for the Damn-o-crats to get fired, but unless we make sure that greedy Scum-icans don't get back in too, we are just going to end up with similar shit we had under Bush.

My personal commentary today comes in the form of a parable.

A driver wanted to take a short cut, and to take the short cut she had to cut across rough terrain with soft ground. Too soft for her to ease across. Twice she had tried and twice she had to call a tow truck to pull her out. She still thought that the other road was better and would be worth the effort so she decided to try one more time. This time though she decided to take a run at it. So she turned around and went 5 mile back up the road and accelerated as fast as she could go. At 120 MPH she eased out into the rough soft ground; kept the accelerator down as hard as it could be. But the vehicle bogged down any way. She got over one hill and out of sight of the road she was on and the road she was heading for. Worse; stopped by a bog in the middle of it, and started to settle into the swamp. The vehicle she was driving was not hers, and knew if the owner found out she was going to be in trouble. Probably go to jail. You see the owner did not know she had taken the car. She legally stole it, legally.

See if you can figure out what I am talking about. I will give you a hint.It's an analogy of the economy and who is really at fault spiritually. You see our economic problems that have been caused here in the USA are due to matters of the heart. Spiritual matters and until those problems are solved there is no way out but invasion......that I can gather. Maybe there is....but then the prophecy must be full filled. The invasion must happen; and to that end I will do everything I can to help prepare the US to fight that war, and I will do everything that I can to make sure that we are really not at fault before God for that war. But that God is going to use this invasion to kill off the evil and wickedness that has entered into this country spiritually is a FACT!

May thy will be done my dear Lord.

How may millions of Americans have to be killed in this war? It must be millions.......maybe tens of millions. We will win and we as a nation with our Constitution will survive.....till there is no more man on earth.... I can't help but think that we could have avoided this if we would have only stayed true to the Constitution and true to God. Now it has become a necessity..... because of lying, cheating, crooks, and thieves, especially since the lying, cheatin, thieves got in government.

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