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Saturday, July 17, 2010

The question, is what's the cost?

I notice that the left wing news media left out the cost.... Normally they do that when it is going to go up some how. All the right has to do is advertise accurately where and how and if it turns out to be high in some ways then bwawomba.....its the ol' smack down for the Democrats in this election. If not then it will not be so bad for them. The Republicans can hope that the Democrats popped in some cost increases for the least able to afford them. If they done that. The Republicans win. Guess who is perfectly positioned to find out.......that's right. ME! So I will be watching this veeery carefully.

The Injun question. Passports: Currently even though by treaty with the United States they are considered separate nations Native Americans do not have internationally recognized passports. Soooo the answer is for the Iroquois and other Indian nations to petition for international recognition amongst the international community. Cool huh?

It is the lefts fault especially a very over protective lot who thought the competitive nature of Gym in school was detrimental to a kids mental health. They forgot that fat is more detrimental to a kids mental health that the competitive nature of gym.

I had an uncle Homer. I wonder if he had as much smarts as this Homer. Uncle Homer was pretty smart.

The charity that is a trifle to us can be precious to others.
Homer (900 BC-800 BC)

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