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Friday, July 2, 2010


If I knew about the ozone hole by Jr high then how come this article is saying it was discovered in 1985. You wanna talk about trying to change history, here is one great example of how bad the lying assed bullshit has gotten. And the the first ban on types of aerosol propellants happened in the 60's and they were saying then the reason was because CFC's then used as pressurizing gasses in aerosol cans were damaging the ozone layer. They were saying that the 60's.

The ozone hole was discovered in the 50's not the 80's. What a bunch of effin liars.

However my main comment about the ozone hole 'healing' in this article is......what a bunch of bullshitt'n glass half/fullers.

Here is another couple of stupid assed articles that have the dates and timeline's really FUCKED UP!

By the way who had the first research station in Antarctica. The British???? I don't fuckin think so....
Here is another thought. I see a pattern developing where a lot of the scientific bullshit we hear comes from Britain. You know the global warming weather bullshit what with the release of 10000 pages on the Internet of data that proves that scientific policy makers were lying their asses off about global warming. You know. The kind of patterns that suggest a conspiracy. And look it was BP a British company that was seriously flaunting our laws governing safety in ocean drilling. George Soros, England. BP, England. False reports of global temperature rise, England. Karl Marx died a stateless man but finished his life guessed it.........Fuckin England.
It appears that our greatest ally is our greatest ideological enemy. England seems to have some kind of shit that has taken root.

I tell you what Britain. I want you in on that invasion too; so we can kick your asses again, just to remind you who is the greater nation of righteousness by God. Also to remind you that the Kingdom of Heaven was taken from you and given to us. Bunch of fuckin losers.

I heard a story once about the British and how they get others to do their dirty works. Fuck off Britain.

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