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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Jobless claims rise again

Cha like nobody didn't know it wouldn't. Jobless claims have been stuck high and now that the census has ended there is no claim that the officious liars can make for Obama. Unless we get factories back here in the US?????? Not Service industry jobs but regular factories we are not going to see a recovery. funny that over educated economists keep saying that there is a recovery going on. They are so full of shit.

If people would have been wiser they would have saved up cash for this eventuality. I was talking to a young man at the turn of the millennium named Shawn and he asks "why wouldn't things keep going" well. I said because they always come down. That was a bad sign to me. The kid never knew when things were bad. He had never seen bad economic times before and this reporter who wrote this article if he is younger than forty probably doesn't remember anything less that good times. That has been the downside to that awesome economic rising we had from about 1980 till 2007. The kids never learned what bad economic times could be like. Now they are about to experience it and worse. I predict that the invasion of the US will come out of it because the younger crowd don't have a clue as to what to do and they are spoiled anyway.

To this next entry I must add holy shit are kids really that stupid today?

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