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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Way down at the bottom of this article

You see an educated mans fucked up idea of who 'Obamba' is. The guy says he is the "CEO of the United States". Not. The President of the United States is NOT the CEO of the United States. He is the CEO of the Executive Branch of the government. The people of the United States are the CEO of the United States of America, and lest government and business forget, the voters have a tremendous tendency to shove their fucked up ideas right up their asses. And the vote tends to be a big knobby bulbous thing with razors embedded. In other words instead of the ability to take a shit the regular way, they have to go in get an operation and shit through a colostomy bag. The world is about to find that out the hard way.

Yeah riiiight. What economic recovery? I heard a reporter say, this "nagging unemployment" is hampering the economic recovery. You know that gets the AW FUCK from me. These over edeu'cated motherfuckers just don't fucking get it. A recovery is a recovery not measured in fucking dollars. It is measured in people working. What a bunch of fucking morons. The people out here on the street are not going to call it a recovery; no matter how much bullshittin propaganda is thrown at them, until they see the unemployment figures get to around 4%, 5%.....
Stupid intellectuals really think that real people live by men's words. FUCK NO!!!!.........Never. Shit I have been here amongst the people all my life; and not once have I EVER heard one man woman or child say, trust college educated, or business, or the government. NOT ONCE, NOT EVER.......FUCK!!!!! The people might can trust each other but the rest of this shit y'all might as well save the power and ink for something else like the invirment er somethin.

Wait wait wait wait wait, How come the storm(Bonnie) weakened over the gulf instead of strengthened. That must mean that the waters of the gulf are not as warm which has to mean the eco crazy news media........lied again. Huh you say? I heard that the Gulf of Mexico waters were warmer than normal, but they must not be. Liars, liars, pants on fire. Sooo how did that happen? I know how that happened. We had a colder than normal winter and this summer it has been cooler than normal over the gulf. Good thing that huh. Means cooler than normal summer. I'll take that.

"Do you, you, feeeel like I do"(PETAAA FRAMPTON),.....Ol' Phyllis Schalafley says it really well, actually best.....Love this girl.

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