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Friday, July 23, 2010

You know why people won't die for something

Cause they don't have anything they would stake their life on. Those are the least of people. You can get rich being a coward. Actually they probably would die for some thing or things but they are the people who go back into a burning house for some memorabilia that you and I have to find very difficult to fathom.......a memory....and burn to death for it.

Did you ever realize that inside of every man is a memory of Heaven. Think about it and meditate upon it.

The President of the United States likes to lie. It is either that or he is a complete idiot. Either one has put the Democrats in over their heads with the people because as the people can see now they can't build a house, eat, or get clothes with bullshit lies.

A little expansion of what I said yesterday. The democrats are lying because for so long God has tolerated liars, so long as the vast majority of the people told the truth. This country prospered not because it lied it's way to wealth, but told the truth to wealth. The people stood up for the truth and said and did truthfully. A mans word was what he meant and did.

Today most of the people are hiding something and won't come out with the truth about something in their past or are afraid that someone will look down on them for it. Instead of coming out with it and if it be worthy of punishment, take a man..... Real men never hide anything. Course being in government with government secrets is different. But setting yourselves up in government like you were some kind of king or something, like Rengal did is what bring nations down. When too many beau-o-crats pull that stunt. Course back in the day nearly every congressman had something going on the side that was inscrutable. That was until the Republicans made congress libel to the same laws that they were writing. Meaning a Congresman could go to prison while they were seated. Mwhahahahaha! I love it. Bye bye Rengal.

YOOOOOUR FIRED. EVERYONE hates being lied too.

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