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Friday, August 20, 2010

And again I tol ya

The oil is still out there. Lurking....waiting on the unsuspecting.......It's the BLOB ahhhhhh.....

Aaaand the people are going to keep on ignoring Obama and the Democrats. Ya see, they might not care about, or may even support that one world government ****, but mess up their environment or billfold and your toast.

My first wife was all about socialized medicine. Let us see what type of person was she? I cannot tell you how many homes she wrecked or how much she lied, and then later became a wife in a wife swapping deal and then orgies and now......well I could have told you that even my crazy family thought she was crazy..... Y'all democrats are following after crazy people.... I knew there was a major reason I wouldn't vote for the Democrats....Nuts follow after nuts.... Blind stupid nuts....Now that isn't libelous or slanderous. I really think that of them....Nuts is as nuts do....

By the way how you coming on my game.....Huh? I am bored and I know you wish I would take a break. Yeah that's it, I got to swab the guns.

Iran?....... You know if you are going to bomb them or their should not do pinpoint attacks..... You better use an all up 100 percent, maximum sustained effort, including 1200 yard long strings of 750 pound JDAMs patterned to level Tehran.... Kill them....Kill them all..... It is either that or nothing. Any thing in between will just cause more trouble than it is worth, more lives than it is worth, and more money than it is worth. There is that plain enough for you doorknobs? I suspect that you all will logically choose nothing. Of course Iran is cocky and will think that we won't ...They all proud and everything.... I bet they use a nuclear umbrella to pull some more poop. Eventually you people will conclude that the troubles Iran are causing and the troubles they will continue to cause will demand a I would be willing to bet that the US; which we are capable of doing unilaterally, considering our strength is greater than any possible combined alliance that could be formed against us, may conclude that the only way to gain world peace, is to declare total war and bomb Iran back into the stone age. If you do that don't go in and fix them up just leave them to fend for themselves. That would gut Islamic activism. Turn them back into the nomads they once were.

Loadin nuther salvo of the big'uns.

Absolutely Yes. Must have the best airforces in the world. All three, The Air Force, Marine Air, and Naval Air, must have the best there is. Bettern our allies and bettern potential enemies.

I have heard of reasons manifold
Why Love must needs be blind,
But this the best of all I hold,—
His eyes are in his mind.

Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1772-1834)

Love is not blind Sam... It just isn't so judgemental. Love sees everything and even remembers all but just decides to see the love that is in men anyway.

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