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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ha...they are slow to persecute but fast to prosecute

The Wikileaks dude..... he just might be in trouble.

Whats the norm. When I was in the Air force the norm would have been we do something as a unit, while in basic and tech school. That was the norm. So what ever happened here may not have been the norm or it may have been. Either way this article is calling this tyranny. Whoever said that will probably get to experience tyranny one day first hand. Tyranny is used normally as an adjective at national leaders ie. dictators and generally involves heads of state,.... leaders. A Sgt. is a leader but is in no way other than vitriolic epithets, a dictator. My opinion.....Whatever the norm should have been is what was practiced. If the guys would have normally been in their dorms this particular evening, but could be released to go to this concert that is likely what happened. The rest of the men would have been relegated to the dorm anyway, that is the norm.

For those of you who are not or never intend to be in the military; it is this very necessary trait that develops the discipline within each recruit that is a must, if you want your men to stand and fight even in the face of certain death on the battle field. Now I can certainly not feel sorry for the cowardly leftist, who would curl up into the fetal position when the bullets begin to fly, because if I were an opposing troop; I and millions of other soldiers from all other nations, would likely take this particular opportunity to shoot you dead after over running your position, because you were too...mmmmmm.... to put a few rounds down range. Nothing like an easy no risk target curled up on the ground.

Get it?

Ok, so what's the beef? Iran agreed to submit to IAEC monitoring to insure no spent fuel is diverted. Russia is going to be looking over their shoulder too. So what is the deal? Was the American news media playing off on peoples fears of a nuclear armed Iran? Do I detect some......mmmmm...... going on behind the scenes here in the US? You all know the the IAEC is seriously tough minded when it comes to abuses, right? You know the the Russians are likewise mean spirited when it comes to breaking disagreements right?

I went off on this yesterday because I kept seeing this continuous complaint in the news about how scared the American government was over this Nuke power plant but not reporting on how the rest of the world felt. Now I know. Do I trust that things can't get twisted or that Iran will not be duplicitous in the future?................... Wait and see. Iran could not be so foolish as to not be obsessive about controlling the material and insuring a nice deep redundancy in security.
It is all in the framework.

Lawyers make lousy Heads of state and are best not elected to political office. That is the example the last two lawyers who have been elected as President have given. Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

Barack Obama from what I can see had the biggest expectation any man in this last century, and has been the greatest failure. Amazingly, I could not foresee how massively huge he has failed. I mean I knew he had the potential to be a grand success or a failure, but I figured that he would only be a modest failure. The harm he has done outstrips my worst case scenario. I suppose that I could say I am ecstatic about this, but I am not. The fact that the things that I railed against for decades now because I personally feared such a political collapse and the potential harm that could be done; in other words having my overall worst case fears be realized in one guy, well it is beyond me. I should be jumping for joy at the proof of my thoughts and words but .....mmmmm...... wants thier naysaying to be proved out. I always hoped that I was wrong. Turns out I wasn't. Cool thing..... I really believe that this nation is still recoverable constitutionally speaking. I will...... I suppose, continue to pray and fight for that.

The people who have a personal relationship with God will be deciding the election. Religion is a rote and are few among the Christians. Believing that the country is not going the way it should is not a religion. It is a fact.

This teacher is a nut. Good thing they fired him. No telling what he might have done to the kids.
Guy is all into breaking the law and stuff. Course he would say it's as all words but is it?

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