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Thursday, August 26, 2010

A comment I made somewhere else

I had this debate with an atheist once concerning proof of God. It is fairly simple. God reveals himself to whomsoever he will, and at that moment it becomes clear to accept him or not. With Jesus once you accept him and realize his forgiveness, and verbalize the recognition, the Spirit of God becomes apart of you and remains with you the rest of your life. Therefore the proof of God resides with in you.

Jesus says; and I paraphrase, previously the Kingdom of Heaven was taken by force but henceforth the Kingdom shall reside within men's hearts.

Whether Obama is a died in the wool Christian or not; he apparently does not want people to know, he is certainly not a saint. His Hypocrisy is evident which most certainly makes him a liar, and to us Christians that makes him like a pharisee, who Jesus said were of their father the devil. Jesus said of the devil that he was a liar and a murder in the beginning.

Curious. Could their be hope? The articles I have read concerning the North Korean people give a picture of a people strictly monitored and controlled by the government and fed a steady diet of propaganda to insure complete obeisance. Will they ease up their sword slamming on the podium behavior? I think they just might.

Oops. Could I by GOD be being right again. The economy? What stinking economy?^DJI,^GSPC,XLF,FXE,XHB,TLT,GLD

It appears that fate is also against illegal immigration.

Click Click BOOM!

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