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Sunday, August 29, 2010


"In all private quarrels the duller nature is triumphant by reason of dullness."
George Eliot (1819-1880)

Yeah but the dull don't necessarily live longer, and the dull seem to be the most unhappiest people I have ever met. Dull people make dull arguments. I know I got a couple of dullards for family members. Geniuses but dull.

This makes me feel good. The oil in Israel. That's cool.

Hoarding can be dangerous, even fatal.

The Glen Beck rallies did not draw in 10's of thousands. Hundreds of thousands showed up.

One more sign that the Dems have lost already. the math. Stop thinking that that everything stops right there.
What is he talking about now?.......Carbon. That's what I am talking about. 7 billion tons are released every year........from all sources into the atmosphere.

*3 billion tons is not absorbed and remains in the atmosphere(wrong). It is freaking cyclic.

*The Oceans absorb an estimated 2 billion tons.

*Trees absorb 1 to 2 billion tons.

The question the writer of this article has; "where does the rest go", is moronic? It is cyclic dude. It is not like a point of accounting or something like in money or taxes and doesn't have a fiscal year. It doesn't stop happening just because you have calculated it out that way. It flows from release, to quay(the atmosphere), to absorption. It is in three parts. The 3 billion tons that are in the atmosphere are not a static 3 billion but are in transit from release to absorption.

Good God almighty. Are these educated people that stupid? You people should be getting an education to be made wiser not stupider. Where are you people going to college?......; so I can recommend that people not go their for their degree's in stupidity.

I better see some verbal type of slapping yourselves in the head; like, oooooh I didn't think of that one, cause other wise my three batteries of biguns are really going to cut loose with another barrage of mega-scoffing.

Dark Matter............BHAHAHAHAHAHA! I'll give you a hint.......
Job 38:19 WhereH335 H2088 is the wayH1870 where lightH216 dwelleth?H7931 and as for darkness,H2822 whereH335 H2088 is the placeH4725 thereof,
Job 38:20 ThatH3588 thou shouldest takeH3947 it toH413 the boundH1366 thereof, and thatH3588 thou shouldest knowH995 the pathsH5410 to the houseH1004 thereof?

Ya ain't going to find it cause God is not going to let you all. No man need stop you all from looking you just ain't going to find out where all this extra holding force(gravity) is coming from.
If you found it you would have then found God. There is no other way into heaven than by Jesus. Ya I know you think this is crazy.....think of it as a hint or a puzzle. You are looking right at it. You just don't know it. It is not dark nor light. It is clear. It does not pass through everything everything passes through it. I am curious though why call it dark matter when indeed it is not dark at all? It is neither dark nor light but perfectly clear. It is not in motion but rather stationary and everything else is in motion upon it. Your sensors cannot detect it for they as well are made in part from it. In order to detect it you must have materials that can no wise have it as part of it and there is no material in the universe that exists without it.

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