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Monday, August 30, 2010

Nobodies listening to you Mr President.

When you make too many errors especially big errors and then try to cover them over with excuses; and the people have to wait to do anything until election time, pretty much what ever you do in the political arena no one is going to listen to ...... Biden takes a trip to Iraq to......I suppose hail the great day of American combat brigades withdrawal.... Gets the big woopde do.
You know what Jesus says: His people know his voice and they follow after him. He also says they don't hear the wolf. I know who else they don't hear......Lies, liars, and all manner of lying including all manner of deceits. Results Mr President, results. Results are not results until they are results and not what people say are results. Results are as results do, and right now their are no results....For anyone.

My current prognosis today. This is a one term president.

This is funny, I go to click on a link and it takes me nowhere near the article I want to peruse and then scoff about. The title to the link: The president pulls his head out of the sand I mean comes back from vacation and it is still the economy....the link??????goes here.....

Seams to be a common thread. The lowest unemployment and agriculture. Uh, food for the rest of you nincompoops.

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