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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Health care

I am ripping this off from somewhere else,but this is the Georgia version of Obama care. Not cheap and does not really cover anything. In other words if you don't have any care now because you could not get some, this coverage is basically shit. You won't get any with this and you will get the honor of having your money stolen and get nothing in return. America has become the land of the getting ripped off.

•a minimum $2500 annual deductible; only preventative diagnoses are excluded from the deductible

•deductible must be met before any other health care expenses (drugs, emergency room visits, lab work, durable medical equipment, etc.) are covered

•$25 doctor visit copay, with 80/20 cost split for in-network physicians or 60/40 cost split for out-of-network physicians, for the next $6000 in costs after the deductible has been met

•a "health care savings account" structure to assist insureds with out of pocket costs

•a $15,000 cap on hospice care

The minimum individual premium for the Georgia plan is $323 per month, or nearly $4000 annually. Tack on the $2500 deductible, and you're looking at $6500 a year guaranteed health care costs, not including another $1200 out of pocket that you could pay as your 20% share of the next $6000 in medical costs.

Like a letter I wrote you the president. He should of just canceled the whole god damned piece of legislation and started over. If the American people won't accept the health care plans proffered because they are more responsible than the government then Congress should have accepted it. GWB had it more rightly with his plans and it would not of cost the taxpayers a trillion to get it because they were already in place. Stupid Democrats.

Woman says nobody knew this. I knew this if I knew it then everybody knew this. Knew What you say? That none of the Liberal plans were going to work..... why? they are throwing Gasoline on a fire..... the fire that is burning down the economy. See the democrats saw the economic engine on fire and thought that they could just throw money at the problem calling it gasoline for the engine only they just threw it on the engine before repairing it. How many times can I say this... or do I have to say this before people get this. Everything would have worked out had the Democrats not of tried to force the issue of repairing the economy. They had to shut then engine off, put the fire out. Repair the engine. And then put gas in the TANK. Don't just throw it on the fire. IDIOTS! Instead they just manufactured(printed money) more gas, poured it on the fire, and of course the fire gets bigger and they say SEE WERE DOING SOME GOOD! BULLSHIT! Just because Stocks are going up does not mean they are doing any good. The economy is in worse shape. Why Because they are using BULLSHIT economic models that have proven to be BULLSHIT. Economic models generated during the BULLSHIT years of the CLINTON ERA. BULLSHIT economic models that dumb ass intellectual economists built with a one world economic picture in mind. Totally ignoring people like me who said you cannot compromise with foreign governments who are your lessors. Lets face it the rest of the world is our lessor economically and likely will be even for the next thirty years(roundabout).

Let me restate a thought I had several years ago. If YOU have a clear glass of water; and your friend has MUDDY water, and you decide to share and share alike, so you pour half of your water in a glass and they pour half of their water in that glass, I do not give a fuck how strong and clear your water is, when you pour it in that glass it will still become fucking muddy water.....

Our economy got massively huge because We the people busted our asses, and broke our backs, to make it that way. NOT some goddamn genius over there but us geniuses over here. You don't compromise with them just so you can make more money cause that is all a pipe dream.
RAISE them economic borders or the whole goddamn worlds economic ships are going to sink like fucking rocks.

Whew! That's work.

A man must consider what a rich realm he abdicates when he becomes a conformist.
Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882)

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