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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New Day but not new stuff

People can't get jobs because employers aren't into OJT. Don't want to go through the expense of training only to have the employees get mad later and quit. Says something about employers knowing themselves. Says they know they are going to be assholes or the employees they do have must be assholes.... Or they are to cheap to pay for the training so they must be cheap assholes.

No, I am just anal about clean water in my home....BWHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Ya, improve the economy and the trade deficit grows, which doesn't improve the employment picture, which along with 12 million illegal aliens lends to ummmlet's confidence? Ya that must be it... Bwhahahahaha! Fucking idiot one worlders... whatja think, one world was going to happen this century... Under Jesus it will but not under anything atheistic....

Ok, so it is an advertisement however they do give a really good simple explanation why anti oxidants are so important. Lycopene(maters) vitamin C(Oranges) Vitamin D(sunshine) Vitamin E(don't know natural source for that) ecetera....Good stuff..

Ohhhh, the president bites himself in the ass.......again....Foodstamp program raided to fund an obvious political bailout.....trying to bailout his really shitty poll numbers...Trying to bailout the democrats nearly invisible poll numbers.... By stealing from the poorest of the poor...Didn't the stupidocrat want to be hailed as modern day robin hoods....Funny, how come they are stealin from the poor and giving to the rich.... Ya Ya Teachers and cops ain't rich.... Has anyone ever given the figure for how much we pay nationally compared to the rest of the worlds nations for law enforcement....I would be willing to bet that we are tops in total cost of law enforcement....But the teachers.....last time I checked we were no. two(doodoo) in cost per student in the world, However we are number 15 or worse in student relatively speaking the teachers are rich..... Ok same link as the previous one. Uh duh did they have to do some research you know pay a few million to know this. Hell I knew this from the beginning. Like what....they are ----ing terrorists. Their primary targets are always civilians. Where the hell do these international politicians come from? Did they just pull their heads out of the sand or what? I swear to.....well I swear....alot....that the common every day man knows more about what is going on that the average elected, or not elected official...

HAHAHAHAHAHAA! don't know what I am laughing about... You kids think that the mouse keyboard interface was the first point and click....WRONG....That would actually be SMITH AND WESSON......BWHAHAHAHAHA! Cha, the people have become the juggernaut

IPO GM definitely wants to get away from the Government Motors nomer.... Bad for business.... Sooo they want the government to sell out 41+ billion in shares. Might tank the stock. I think I will buy in to that.. Ya know buy low sell high. Fords going for something over 11 buck right now. I think I want in on that too.

And what wrong with going to sh-cool druther than school?

And now because I want to pass along some wisdom as well:

Learn from minty fresh at both ends fail, and don't confuse the tooth paste for the
Preperation-H .

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