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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What is the average speed of a meteor-ite

Who knows; but this meteor was traveling 37.2222 MPS, that's Miles per second....

Actually the the fed can do little but sit on the sidelines to help the economy. The Federal reserves main job should be and is to maintain a stable money supply, not to be confused with a static money supply. Ok if I wasn't so angry at this country, what do I think should happen with the money. The fed should pull money out of the market place which would cause the long bonds to increase in value. However there is a mitigating factor. The amount of cash reserves held by foreign countries is very high. I think that foreign countries would take the opportunity to sell off some of the excess USD reserves to get away from the dollar as a cash reserve. So they would be less under our thumb. I like that. Makes them more likely to want to invade. If the Fed does not pull money out inflation becomes more likely and jobs will in all likely hood be harder to come by which means people will continue to run conservatively in spending which will hurt the worlds economies which will increase the likely hood of invasion. Hmmm. Can't think of a way around this rock and hard place.

Pull money out of the economy. It will toughen up the mentality of Americans. Make em more financially responsible.....eventually.

In the mean time, worker productivity dropped last month. Means more people doing less. That's not a good economic sign either. Wait, maybe they have a point here. More people working they think may have a good economic impact. Not for long they think. I would have to meditate on it but to say that it would be temporary is probably fact. People should still be slow to spend. We here in the US; with out factories, can no longer sustain the worlds economies. They are going to have to learn to buy what they make. You know grow up. Wean themselves from us. Works. More likely to invade us. Hmph still works out that a way.

Holy crap! Talk about coincidences, there has always been strange goings on in the nature of politics from; was there a conspiracy to kill JFK, to this, in relation to the plane crash in Alaska, what was it yesterday?.... I don't get the connection totally, but my internal alarm bells are ringing.

See now this next thought is the kind of statement that a brilliant man would say that makes me wonder, what did he know about the matters of the spirit?

"A man is a god in ruins."
Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882)

This seems comical but it is an example of spoiled rotten; never had their butts busted, for throwing temper tantrums. I think it is tragic; however this type of behavior will be straightened out by that invasion I keep harping on.

Ah, so the electorate does make a difference. Ya know what I think.... IT AIN"T ENOUGH!!!!!
This should be an all up response. Period. Not some half arsed throw a few more men and a paltry few hundred million more at the problem. The American people ain't fooled. Too late for the Dems. It is just not enough. If they rushed a division to the border with shoot to kill orders, now that would be enough. The people might be impressed. No compromise on that can be had. NONE! Ya bunch of damned crooks!

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