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Friday, August 27, 2010

Nuh uh.

A man's real life is that accorded to him in the thoughts of other men by reason of respect or natural love.
Joseph Conrad (1857-1924)

No! Any ones life is not about what other people think of them. Way to many people become somebody in spite of what other people think or feel about them. Conrad was just jaded and hated the fact that he could not tell people straight up what he thought of them. So he sits there on the sidelines and throws sugar coated shit at them hoping it will stick.

Of course Conrad got famous and I on the other hand who does not sugar coat the shit I throw at people am not. Then again If I intended to be famous I would also sugar coat the shit I throw but then again that would be hypocrisy and no one can really accuse me of hypocrisy now. They got all kinds of other things they think of me but hypocritical isn't one of them. I am far away from hypocrisy.

Nasa is a government Agency and what it posts and releases; in fact all the information it gathers, is free domain. So here is a picture and an excerpt of the picture and I have a comment about it I will share at the end of it.

The ring galaxy formed in this picture is first how old? Second I think it is very old; but is what a normal galaxy would look like, after time has passed without outside gravitational interference. to prove my point scientists would have to study the likely and potential interferences from the rest of the universe.

I have an other question. How do scientists know that the Universe is expanding(I don't doubt that it is)and which direction is it expanding in, from our earths point of view? Is it like a helium balloon being heated?

The democrats think they can hold on while the economy looks like this? I don't think so. You got a health care plan that is going to bite one part of a huge segment of the economy in the ass, and is likely to be the most influential segment of that particular part of that sector; the sales men, BHWAHAHAHAH! They are already trying to lobby the government to protect them from this bastardized health care bill.

You got a health care bill that of necessity cannot and does not cover all Americans' leaving 12 million out in the cold. You got 8 million people out of work you got foreign drug gangs killing cops on American soil. You got foreign terrorists building mosques near terror sites, you got terrorist walking across the border. All of that is on the Democrats heads. the people may have shut up. They may not be telling others how they are going to vote...... but I guarantee you that there is no fucking way in hell that they even come close to having forgotten. Not with all the shit they have to deal with every day. The democrats have burned even their own stalwart ecological groups with their gargantuan oil spill. Their is no way in hell they won't pay for that politically. You got 20 million foreign nationals here illegally.

Taxes are going to go up unless the democrats extend the Bush tax cuts. To be honest I hope they don't because that will just piss off the people even more. You got the democrats going against the unions by not raising tariffs. You got like about a hundred other major reasons why the democrats cannot win. They lie, everyone knows that. They cheat, everyone knows that. They steal, everyone knows that. They are in it for the money. Everyone know that. You got them democrats letting crooked politicians off the hook. Everyone know that. They go against what everyone wants and, EVERYONE KNOWS THAT. They are against God and everyone knows that. They have lied, and will not stop lying, and will continue to lie, and everyone knows that. You got innocent people being murdered because of the policies of the socialistic, communistic, fascist, lawmaking of the Democrats and everyone knows that. Everyone knows that.

I see this as the ultimate fate of the democratic party. Political annihilation.

My God.....I go and look at the business pages just about any where, and I find nothing but pretext to economic doom.

Oh look, more doom and gloom! Oops can't link to that page. The article complains about whether or not this whole reported economic crapola is not the same kind of animal they are used to looking at. Seaming to defy solutions all the while Bernanke is standing by as some kind of savior. Pah!

They still don't believe that what they are doing is going to end up a whole lot worse culmination in one more and maybe final step towards Armageddon. That is not my take. It is happening.....right before our eyes. The major flash points in history always had a long fuse....This is one of those times. The fuse has been lit and it is burning inexorably towards the real big bang. In the mean time one of those flares in the fuse is coming up. Invasion America is a go.

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