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Friday, August 6, 2010

Proof positive that my sister does not rule the world

Did you know that a solar flare was caused by great magnetic whirlpool, which decreases the pressure just below the surface so much, so quickly that the surface material no longer has gravity enough to remain on the suns surface.... blasting huge amounts of material; at fractionally relativistic speeds, into outer space. You didn't? You can name that the Ron effect.
I am all smiles....

20 states and the nations most influential small business group are filing friend of the court statements as to the national health care deal... Read it for yourself....

Now My wife wants to get on the next article for more on this stupid behavior of hers....She's got little or no money, a mental disease diagnosis, me bitching mercilessly and still she cannot resist.... woo she is fucked up.... did you know that there is no contract that is valid when signed by a mentally ill individual....none...You did'n know that?

Dumb de dumdum....Looking for an American who is a terrorist...

Me Hypocritical?....Bwhahahahaha! I have never ever hid the fact that I cuss and swear like a sailor....I will tell you what is hypocritical....a pope going along with covering up of child molesting Priests...A congressman pretending piety and then getting caught with his hand in the cookie jar...A congress who lets same congressman off with a now now Johnny don't do that again...a desperate president who is now thinking about how to just up and forgive billions in home loans to people who were to stupid to do a little math and compare it to the then over priced home they were buying....Now that is hypocrisy....I will never hide the fact that I have learned a huge number of things from personal stupidity.....never.. I am not hypocritical just honest....I will never cover up the fact that in spite of my swearing I am still saved by grace....My behaviour is not changing the fact that all you have to do is ask Jesus to save you and you to will be saved, and in spite of whatever the hell you are doing so long as you don't do the 7 deadly sins you are not going to have any problems getting into the gates of the Kingdom of Heaven. In fact I think God would rather have a cussing nonhypocratical me than a bullshittin hypocritical you.... those of you who don't really know what I am talking about its a personal argument...

If Afghanistan cannot rid it self of corruption then well......what are we doing there?

And Companies are hiring slow. Not looking good....Stock market switching to T-bills.....

Aaand we let foreigners come in aaaand we get this shit....Indians (not to be confused with Native Americans) honor kill, Americans don't....

Oops again...I thought I had a funny feeling about the new, now old CEO of Hughlitt Packard...

Heres one for you...How many great people were born in Oklahoma....Let's start with Jim Thorpe.. Oh did I tell you I am part Injun and White man.
Art Acord
Silent film star, 90 films between 1910 and 1929, Stillwater

Carl Albert
McAlester, Former Speaker, US House

Tommy Allsup
Country and Western Music Entertainer. Claremore, Miami, Tulsa

Erica Anderson
Actor, (Quake, Zandalee) Tulsa

Gene Autry
Sapulpa, Actor, musician

Lou Antonio
Director/Actor (Chicago Hope), Oklahoma City

Johnny Bench
Baseball great

Black Kettle
Cheyenne, Cheyenne Chief

William "Hopalong Cassidy" Boyd
Tulsa, Actor

Garth Brooks
Of Yukon, country and western music entertainer

Paul and Thomas Braniff
Okla. City, Aviation pioneers

Anita Bryant
Tulsa, Entertainer

Jeremy Castle
Oklahoma country music singer and songwriter form Blanchard, OK

Lon Chaney

Roy Clark
Tulsa, Musicianla. City, Actor

Charles Coe
National Amateur Golfing Champion in 1949 and 1958.

Bart Conner
Olympic gold medal winner, gymnastics

Leroy Gordon Cooper
Of Shawnee, was among the original seven US astronauts. He orbited the earth 22 times in 1963

Joan Crawford
Lawton, Actress

Admiral William Crowe
Former Head of the Joint Chiefs-of-Staff.

Dizzy Dean
Baseball great

John Denver
Corn, Clinton, Musician

Charles "Pretty Boy" Floyd
Akins, Sallisaw, Outlaw

Owen K. Gariott
Of Enid, US astronaut

James Garner

Fort Sill, Apache Warrior

Vince Gill
Country singer

Woody Guthrie
Considered by most to be the father of American Folk music, was born Woodrow Wilson Guthrie in Okemah, OK, July 14, 1912

Mary Hart
Okla. City, TV anchorwoman

Paul Harvey
Tulsa, Broadcast journalist

Ron Howard
Duncan, Actor/Director

Toby Keith
Moore, Musician

Jean Kirkpatrick
Ambassador to the United Nations

Gordon William "Pawnee Bill" Lillie
Pawnee, Wild West Show

Dr. Shannon Lucid
Of Oklahoma City, a US astronaut. She was on board the space shuttle Atlantis during its flight in October of 1989

Reba McEntire
Country and western music entertainer

Phillip C McGraw "Dr. Phil"
Okla. City, TV Host

Mickey Mantle,
Baseball great.

Pepper Martin
Baseball great

Shannon Miller
Edmond, Gymnast

Kenny Monday
Great wrestler and athlete

Bobby Murcer
Okla. City, Baseball great.

Carry Nation
Of Guthrie, led the fight for prohibition

Bill Pickett
Ponca City, Invented bulldogging

Brad Pitt
Shawnee, Actor

William R. Pogue
Of Okemah, among the original seven US astronauts. He returned to earth on February 8, 1974 after 84 days in space.

Darrell Porter
Baseball great

Wiley Post
A Native Oklahoman and a pioneer in the field of aviation. He was the first to discover the jet stream and the first ever to design and wear a space suit

Lynn Riggs
Author, writer "Green Grow The Lilacs" from which script Rodgers and Hammerstein wrote the Broadway musical hit "Oklahoma!"

Will Rogers
Humorist, entertainer, ambassador-at-large

Stuart A Roosa
Of Claremore, a US astronaut

John Smith
Great wrestler and athlete

Thomas P Stafford
Of Weatherford, US astronaut who commanded the joint United States-Soviet

Belle Starr
Outlaw 1846-1889, was called the "Queen of the Outlaws" , "a female Jesse James"

Willie Stargell
Baseball great

Bill Tilghman
Bat Masterson called him "The greatest of us all." Bill Tilghman was a fearless gunfighter who rode with a badge throughout Indian Territory in the 1890's as one of the "Three Guardsmen." He was responsible of arresting dozens of hardened outlaws and criminals during his life and participated in many gunfights. After retiring from law enforcement, he was coaxed into wearing his badge one more time in 1924 at the age of 70 in a wild and woolly oil boom town of Cromwell, Oklahoma where a young drunk shot and killed him without provocation

Bob Tway
Of Edmond, he won the PGA Championship in 1986

Jim Thorpe
One of Oklahoma's greatest athletes. At the 1912 Olympics, the King of Sweden declared that Thorpe was "the greatest athlete in the world."

Wayman Tisdale
Great basketball player and athlete

Carrie Underwood
Of Checotah. American Idol winner 2005.

Paul and Lloyd Waner
Outfielders from Harrah, OK. The only brothers in the National Baseball Hall of Fame

JC Watts
Sooner quarterback, U.S. congressman

Bud Wilkerson
Norman, Football

Is Robert S Johnson in there?....He should be... Born in Lawton Oklahoma, was the first pilot to surpass Eddie Richenbachers record of 26 air kills in WWI, with 27 in WWII. Author of Thunderbolt; his auto biography of flying fighters , and I actually got to meet him when he was at Thunderbolt Reunion in Warner Robins Ga....Shook his hand got his autograph....Cool stuff. Speaking of a small world, I also took care of General Scott's AC. I got a personally autographed paperback of his too...You know, God is my Copilot, back in the day when I was practicing heating and Air....Speaking of more coincidences, My dad got to see Richard Ira Bong, America's Ace of Aces with 40 kills. Ya see he grew up in the county I lived in...He came home to visit while on war bond drive in Poplar Wisconsin. My dad grew up on a farm in a little ol' township next to Poplar named Maple...

My last entry for the day is:
No one will dare maintain that it is better to do injustice than to bear it.
Aristotle (384 BC-322 BC)

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