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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ya the pres. sucks at the economy

No kidding. With the old time commies he surrounds himself with, no wonder. They are like the last of their kind here in the USA what with MMO sliced and diced and buried in Texas. That bear has no body just feet. The fact that he remains at 49 % overall because people personally like him? They would not like him if they knew the reasons for his decisions. In fact they would probably really hate him. And oh look....Another article pointing the same way, with much more detail.

You know if you hide something without giving people a chance to really decide based on the truth, and they find out later; which is what is happening, you can't blame people for getting mad and throwing your stupid asses out. That is why I never hide nothing nor deny the truth. Never being relative of course. Man can not really ever say never unless it pertains to God; and it happens to be the truth about something God is, or is going to do, and truth about that is we don't really know God. We can love him anyway and I recommend that.

Scientists disagree over Oil in gulf. Of course I don't know what to think. Is it there? I think it is. Will it change the gulf coast ecology for a long time to come? I don't know. There is so much fighting under the table about the truth over all. We could wait for reports from people brave enough or stupid enough to go fishing or swim down their. This notion that the Woodrow Wilson's of this world know better for you as an individual.... well you take your chances to follow them now don't you.... IIIII think I will make my own decisions for my self. Now where did I put that picture of the NUCLEAR middle finger.

Maybe this Dad has a point... If these thugs were all hanged on a tree for all to see maybe that would be a better deterrent to crime. I do have a question though. What the were these girls doing at a party in the first place, and what the were they doing walking home from that party.....alone. And dads.... Your going to have to live with that mistake for the rest of your lives now ain't you?

Uh is this one going to the supreme court? I hope so because these dumb, stupid, idiot judges in California think that lying about getting a medal isn't harmful? What a bunch of morons. Oh look the gov. outlaws itself from using the word retarded..... BHWHWHWHWHW! Good. I can still use it though....These California judges are retards....Now that is freedom of speech...actually that's a known lie. I happen to really believe they are intellectual giants.....fools, but pretty smart. Maybe they are somehow retarded?.....Spiritually retarded.... I wouldn't be surprised if some of them didn't lie about something to get to be in their position to begin with. Can't wait to hear about what we find out on them.... Oh.....and the Constitution protects your right to freedom of speech so long as you ain't knowingly lying.

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