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Saturday, September 11, 2010


Time for my annual report. One year to go. Enjoy it people. After 2011 (not able to say when after) The tribulation can begin. I do feel that many people will say not so but I am saying that once again I will be proved right.

I wonder about GW visions and prophecies when the angel says; "`While the stars remain, and the heavens send down dew upon the earth, so long shall the Union last.'; if the Union includes the constitution we have today. I have of course sworn by God to uphold and defend the one we have now and would have to die fighting for it, but in the 'vision and prophecy' it is not mentioned whether it will or will not. The only document that can possibly be included for sure is the Declaration of Independence.

Otherwise it looks like a slow news day. I guess that's be good. It is Saturday after all, and I should be focusing on God. Saturday comes from Latin meaning the last day or day of rest. Christians worship on Sunday(Latin equivalent meaning the first day). It is good to give of your first fruits. Also I speculate that pastors would be working on Saturday so giving them the day off too is good. I don't really think that it matters what day you choose but choose one and do not spiritually force yourself on not one single human being.

Aunt Gail came by a couple of days ago. She is a sweetheart of a woman. I very much enjoyed that. I have little idea what happened to mom but the rest of Grandmas kids except Vard turned out great. He is nearly dead too. Too much dope, and drinking. He is down to one half a kidney, and just had his gallbladder taken out. The kind of people everyone would like to have for relatives. What ever happened I can only speculate. My mom is a stubborn old prickly pear who busted her leg in part because of that stubbornness. You wanna know what I think? I think she prayed to God to heal her, and then tried to stand up and now that she broke her leg is lying about it. She has always done that. Lies, thousands of lies. The devil is the same way. Lies and obfuscations. The looking away constantly when talking.

I can feel somewhat sorry for her; after it all it all goes back to her being jerked from the only home she knew when she was three. She has that same strange 3 year old, "I am going to do whatever I want to", and you can't do anything about it attitude. When I was younger though she could do something to me but now she is virtually helpless. She just got a power chair, but drives it like she is drunk. She smashed her finger up under the table and then said "who did that?". Oxygen deprivation will do that to you. She is on three liters heading for four. She's got emphysema.

Old story about her being jerked from her home. I got my suspicions.... Grandma says that she divorced her first husband because he was a drunk and beat her up....

I heard a snippet about how Grandpa Bennett met Grandma, walking down the dirt road on the bottom ...... My mom was born in a tent on that same bottom land off the same road.... I look just like one of my uncles, and have the blond hair of one of an other uncle, and one aunt, same steel blue eyes as those two. You can tell where this is going. I think my Grandma had an affair, and her husband by the last name of Wheeler found out about it, got drunk, went home and beat the shit out of grandma. Then she got divorced, married Grandpa Bennett. William Cody Bennett. That would also explain why Grandma became absolutely furious when grandpa called grandma "a good ol' gal", code back in the day for prostitute. Whatever happened for sure I think went to the grave with Grandma Bennett. I believe me to be a Bennett. I told Grandpa Bennett when he was on his death bed, that I always considered him my Grandpa. All these things happened back during the twenties and thirties when it would have been customary to lie about the infidelity, and then send the baby off not wanting to have a child of fornication or another mans kid around.
My grandma three years later took back her child; my mother. Considering that she was not only taken from her grandmother but later on in life being informed that she was another mans baby, that her mother was and adulteress by the old testament moses law. Jesus says that she should not have divorced old man Wheeler because she did it for the sake of her flesh. Had not all things happened I certainly would not have been born, And would not be irritating people with my long missives bout my suspicions. But taking life as it is here I am. God knew that I would be. Just as he knew that Solomon would be. Silly that, equating myself with Solomon.

God forgives everyone. In the end My grandma passed away her soul white as snow. Can't get that way unless you are forgiven. Oh here is another crazy thing that the children of God get. The ability to see the sin stains upon other people. Ya ya atheist think that's nuts. So where is my diagnosis and the pay check that goes along with it. MHAHAHAHAHA!

God has certainly been merciful to me. Ultimately my life has been because of the lies that were told, but then again the lies and deceits that were lived and told also beget such men of the word as Moses and Solomon. Jesus was born of a virgin by the angel of the lord who only touched her womb and look at the suspicions that surround him over that.

Again silly that. I don't want your sympathies. I am truly doing fine. Now if I could just find a way to annihilate Big Brother.......their is a way, I know it. I can feeeeel it......Bah! It is not for me to do........I think.


Wheres my check?

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