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Friday, September 10, 2010

Another comment I made at another site.

I don't think that defeating their ideology is so necessary as it is for us to be faithful and true to our own selves as Christians and Patriots. To a Christian burning some bibles does not affect us so much as we know that God's word is eternal and can never be destroyed.
However grace and mercy compels us to turn the other cheek. God also demands of us to respect the nations; which he tells us in his word that he created.
It would also have been hypocritical for any member of this nation to burn any book in my; opinion for any reason, because in this God created nation he also gave us freedom of speech.

That includes the bedraggled rags we call the mainstream news and gag....porno....

Just to be funny that is also why he also gave us thumbs, fingers, and knobs on tv's and radios. I can turn the page, look away, and finally turn crap off.

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