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Saturday, September 18, 2010

I began the process of getting mom back in the nursing home

Mom is in bad shape. I threw a fit and told everyone to knock off the talk about mom ever walking again. She keeps breaking her leg because she has bad bones and she needs to quit trying to walk. In fact I told the nursing staff that if anything else happened to mom like that I was going to sue the hell out to them.
The Nursing company got scared of that and told Mom and Teresa that they were not going to come back. Ain't that just too bad. Of course Mom told us we had to go. So I told mom and Teresa to get an eviction notice since we had a signed statement that we were paying for our upkeep here.
My wife comes back up stairs a couple of days later and tells me that mom told her they were selling the house and we could stay through January. We are staying until I see that piece of paper giving us thirty days.
Nasty little fight this has turned out to be. Ten to one if mom doesn't get into the nursing home she ends up bedridden, being cared for by my sis who is pill poppin mentally ill. That's a dangerous situation as I see it. If they end up forcing me out so be it. I will wash my hands of them and I assure you that if anything happens to them after that don't look at me. I warned them and you people too.

Same crap though. My mom and I have been at loggerheads all my life. I told her to stick any inheritance for me up her ass. So I don't have any monetary desires. The rest of my family might but I could care less. My mom demands too many strings. I bring that up because they say they are going to sell the house and divide the money up between the five of us. I think they should take care of their housing first and being the self sacrificing son of a bitch I am, those two need to deal with that first and forget about me. Since they won't forget about me I force them to forget about me by telling them to take their money and shove it their ass. Being the over sensitive insane bitches they are that pisses them off insuring that they should keep the money and tend to themselves. Did I tell you my mom was taking antidepressants by the time I was twelve. She's nuts. Now she is 72 and nuts. I am glad I was born to her though. It was a gift from God. There is no way I could understand or know half of what I know if not for the experiences I had by being her son. she went on to lead my other four siblings to nutdom. I refused to follow her and that left me no recourse but to follow God.

Over at Fox I have never had anything against them, until now.....This article Says that the UAW doesn't get it. It is a fact that the UAW has been greedy so it would seem on the surface that the union just turned down a decent offer but then Fox goes on to quote a union worker who says that is not the problem. The unions negotiating point is about the corporation violating the law in relation to their or their families health care needs, this is not being addressed by management in the offer. The union guy says:

“You idiots think it's all about the money. It has nothing to do with the money. It has to do with the company not honoring the laws of FMLA. A guy has to take care of his wife after a heart attack. He is walked out on and doesn't have a job. A woman with cancer needs time off for chemo, she is walked out on for attendance. A man's wife has a baby and he needs a week off. His FMLA is denied. Just a few examples. … These are the rights we are fighting for. The rights many other companies have in place already. This is why we rejected the contract…. Yeah, you all wanna work here? Better not get sick or need time off to help your family.”
My complaint. The writer can't believe that it is not about the money cause that is all the company offered the workers so he pushes on to insult the union.......the writer did not even come close to investigating whether the union guy was telling the truth or not. The company broke the laws relative to convalescence and that is that. I guess the Oshkosh plant will probably lose it's contract because of that and in that case the plant will probably be shut down. Too bad.

Well well well whatdooya know.....A school that doesn't have no money beats the hell academically out of schools that get all the money in the world....

This next one is an outrage all by itself. No explanation needed. Just another nail in the enviromentalists political coffin.

Piping Mad: Fair People at the Mercy of a Government Gone Fowl from Kevin Hicks on Vimeo.

AAAAnd O'donnell can just let it all hang out or hang it up. I am thinking she should just go out there and get on with it. If she is a saint now don't worry about it.

The President comes clean....Bout time....bout the cost of health care. Means he's been lying. Problem is it is too late to be telling the people now....I am really thinking that this man doesn't want to resign but he is doing everything possible to get out from under the presidency.

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