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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I say this is inconclusive

They say this report means that things are looking up. They are not. It all adds up to a wash. Where are the manufacturing jobs....again...I ask?

This video is about the first guy; Geitner blaming the sloooow economic recovery on the last guy, BdBdBdBdBuuush.... not working for em(d-crats). And this next guy talking about doing some of the same things that really led to the economic crash to begin with. I see a great big thick gooeey mud puddle and two sticks standing right in the middle of it. Sigh. In fact some of the same things that caused; 'gasp', 911. to have a whole package. Can't be pointing fingers at nobody else. No elitist attitudes allowed.

Want too save this countries economic future....Got to have prayer in school. Without it. No nothing.

Damn the torpedoes and full speed ahead. Tea Partiers are champeens again.

Congress is running Scared. They should. I think I have said this before and I'll say it again. don't piss off the American people and don't lie to them. They will run your political asses out of town. About this start treaty. Wait on it....To the rest of the world watch and learn how the people react to bullshit from their politicians. To the bureaucracy and judicial system. Get ready to have your asses amended, and to the old farts. Get ready to be replaced by a judiciary that actually gives a care about the Constitution.

The people are fixing to slap your unconstitutional asses down by God. And to Obama. I would not be surprised to find you asked to resign before you completely destroy the Democrats. Actually funny thing about that., considering it was the Democrats that kept your color down for a hundred years, and only let you up after you threw one hell of a fit. So it is fitting that you should be the ones to destroy them from within. Now I shant ever again mention anything related to race in relation to politics ever again. I want you to know. I was rootin for you all the way back then and I am happy that I for one have been blessed to know that you are Americans and now you know that anything is possible. It always was. I actually wanted what I thought was the best candidate for pres last time and lobbied out on the streets for Condolisa Rice.

The constitution is not a rope; you apparently, illiterate intellectuals, that you can twist up in knots any old way you want too. To the corporatist creeps that think you can buy your way into getting laws wrote that benefit your back pockets. You better hope like hell you lose your asses in this election. To the underground government YOUR day is coming a hell of lot sooner than you think.... You all better be getting ready for the; "buy it your going to need it", reason I said this.
I am getting fired up. Their is always a good reason for it.

Finally a gest.

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