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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Tea party Crushes all hopes

For the Democrats or Republicans that there will be any return to the way it was. As for the potential for Miss So and So to defeat the Democrat in Delaware. Well think again. It is well beyond the realm of possibilities given this year of topsy turvy politics. Those people are wildly enthusiastic.

Ah little Delaware. The spoiler state. Second smallest in population and second smallest in land yet how they do contend with the rebelliousness of the rebels. Alas it is too late for you little Delaware for the course of this land has been set. Though from Delaware came the powder for the magazines of democracy and yet little Delaware could find no hope in Kingship.

Ok I just made that up. I was reading one of those articles in an online encyclopedia and found out that they had a robust group of Torrie's back in the days of the revolt. they still have a robust group of Torrie's who appear to be strong against the Constitution. I now see a pattern of bowing to the ultra liberals in the state with the very first primary. See-in as how it seems to be so important to win that one to set a tone for a presidential campaign. I wonder if these so called pacifists liberals understand that not only have they futilely been railing against freedom, and liberty the number of people that are going to horribly die because deep down in side............. they must hate this country.

This country was set up for the rebellious. Back in the 60's the rebellious railed against the Establishment only to become the Establishment, and now the rebellious rail against the establishment and the establishment cannot understand why they are rebelled against. Because this land is for the rebellious and there can be none but the rebellious here.

We of this republic shall not be contained by any form of tyranny for in truth the beginning of men were in freedom and the end of men shall be in freedom. For it is not the freemen of the US that are rebellious but the enslaving sins of elitists and imperialists that are. So we the people rebel at the ballot and throw the righteous and indignant out that we may live in our own private rebellions once again.

I salute the rebellious hearts and minds of men that fight to be with our God that we may indeed be free under him.

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