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Sunday, September 19, 2010

If you don't die in your sleep

If you get up in the morning; no matter how much you minimize your odds, you still face death every day. You know the old saying. How many people broke their leg or stumbled right after simply standing up fell and hit their head and died. There is no way to completely neutralize every possible way that a person could die.
Was there culpability on the part of the tug captain in this story? Ultimately I was not there so how can I really judge? But amazingly in this story we end up finding out that the NTSB which regulates highway and air transport safety but not waterborne safety at loggerheads with the coastguard. Throw in attorneys for the injured and voila you get a legal mess with dead people.

I'll tell you what you have, if no one would have died it would be a comedic case of mechanical failure and maybe human intransigence. You know. Ignorance in the most technical use of the word. But throw in some corporate greed and, oops. Dead people.

Where was the lookout on the barge? What was the pilot doing? I thought on any kind of shipping they always had people looking forward, and to the sides whose duty it was to call out in case of hazard?

The arguments in this article about whether their should be life jackets for the tourists and foam liners in the hull and the canopy should be a tear away. My lord in heaven if you look at the picture just prior to the accident I am surprised that all the tourists didn't die. How in the hell could life jackets or a tearaway canopies make any difference.

I return to my previous line of thought. We have lost our mind in this country; blaming everyone and everything else, but our own bad damn luck, if your an atheist or secularist, and God's will if your not.

Yeah a lot of things are willfully negligent, but for God's sake not everything is. Should their be some kind of insurance award. Sure. Absolutely, but why should people have to get attorneys to fight for the coverage. Not paying out is willful, crooked and greedy.

People who are tired of yelling at the TV can do this.

Opportunity knocks. If I had free gas just bubbling up in my water I would be hooking up a generator and furnace and become energy independent....buut nooo gotta complain about it instead.

Ok this is way to cute for me to pass up. Maybe because one time I raised a couple of baby squirrels and released them. I am just a softy when it comes to the vulnerable, anyway Baby Squirrel learns to purr like kitten.

Now this is called taking control of your own destiny.

Finally a funny.

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